Fairway Casino Introduces New Languages to their Live Games

One of the newest online casinos to offer Live Dealer options, Fairway Casino, has now announced that they will be enhancing their operations even more by adding Italian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, and Korean languages to their live casino offerings.

Fairway Casino already offers a full customer support department in all languages, but by adding translations to the games, they will be able to provide customers with a more welcoming and comfortable online casino atmosphere, making for a better all-around experience.

Affiliate Program Director for FairwayCasino.com Gian Perroni says, “In our first 7 full months of operation we have already seen registered players from more than 60 different countries.” He adds, “It was important for us to meet their needs by adding the languages that our players converse in, and this in turn helps our valued affiliate partners promote the site more effectively. Over the next several weeks we will be adding French and Portuguese, followed by several Eastern European languages.”

Fairway Casino offers live roulette, live baccarat, and live blackjack, broadcasted live from their customized Costa Rican studio. They staff more than 70 professionally trained casino dealers and use industry leading equipment that includes Shuffle Master card shoes and Cammegh roulette wheels. It is these details that make Fairway Casino stand out among the rest of the industry. Through all of this they are able to provide their players with a distinct service that they would not get elsewhere. This service is compounded by a trust that mirrors that of a land-based operation.

Fairway Casino also offers video poker, slots, and many other popular table games making it an all-inclusive online casino that has everything you need to enjoy online gambling at its best.

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PokerStars Alternatives and Replacements for USA Players

It’s been a couple of chaotic days in the online gambling industry as the US DoJ decided to seize the domains of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UB.com. The latest developments are that the DoJ have allowed PokerStars to get their PokerStars.com domain back and get the site up and running on the .com domain again as long as they pay all outstanding debts to US player and don’t let US players take part in any real money poker games.

Most sites are recommending Intertops Poker and Lock Poker which is supposed to work fine for US players even after the April 15th seize. Now we can’t vouch for LockPoker as we have never even heard about that site but we know for a fact that the Intertops.com products and payment processing is top notch when it comes to catering for the US market. These guys have been around for a long time and even after the UIGEA back in 2006 they are still able to process credit card deposit from US players with a 90% success rate and that’s pretty good in today’s online gambling climate.

The Intertops.com Poker guys are currently running a great promotion in order to attract PokerStars players over to the Sportsbook.com Poker room with a 50% bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Now this isn’t your normal poker bonus which will clear after X amount of hands or player points. This bonus is instantly credited to your account upon your first deposit. Now that’s something we haven’t seen since the good old days back in 2003 when online poker was booming.

If you are a PokerStars players looking for a good alternative after the 15th of April shut down then we can recommend Intertops Poker.

Oh, and we forgot… <a href="http://www.livedealercasino click over here.org/play/intertopspoker.php” target=”_self”>Intertops.com Poker is a part of one of the largest US facing poker network so you can be sure there is plenty of fish at the table waiting to donate their money.

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Live Online Casinos for Americans 2011

After the recent bust of the four biggest online poker sites you might be wondering if it’s still possible for US players to register and play for real money at a live dealer casino. This bust only affected the US facing online poker sites so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to play real money casino games at the US friendly live online casino sites listed here on LiveDealerCasino.org.

The Best Live Online Casinos for US Players Right Now

Ever since they launched their live online casino a couple of months ago the Sportsbook.com Live Casino has been our number one live casino to recommend to US players. We recommend these guys because not only do they have a great live dealer casino platform but they also have great payment processing in place for American players looking to play live dealer games for real money. Another major upside here is that the Sportsbook.com Poker room is still open for US players so if you are also looking for a new online poker site to play at after your PokerStars account was closed down then the Sportsbook.com Poker room is a great option.

If you for some reason wouldn’t want to play at the Sportsbook.com Live Casino we can recommend the OddsMaker.com Live Casino as they are also currently accepting real money deposit from American casino players. At the Oddsmaker Live Dealer Casino you will be able to play live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette and live dealer baccarat. We are hoping that they will eventually also start adding live dealer craps games but as of now they don’t do that.

Best Deposit Options for Americans at Live Dealer Casinos

Since the Instant eCheck is basically dead after the bust of the US facing online poker sites we lost one of the most preferred deposit options for US players. There are still a couple online casinos that take eCheck deposits but they don’t offer live dealer games so it wouldn’t be a good fit anyway.

As of right now the best deposit option for US casino players is actually the credit card deposit. At our two recommended American live online casinos you will be able to make a deposit using your VISA or MasterCard and their success rate is over 90% which is pretty amazing under the current circumstances.

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Online Blackjack Sites That Take Instant eChecks

As it’s becoming increasingly hard for casino players residing in the US to fund their online casino accounts it’s very important to find viable ways of funding casino accounts for US players. The Instant eCheck deposit option has been around for a couple of years now and it has established itself as the most reliable and preferred deposit method amongst US online gamblers.

The Best Online Blackjack Sites for Instant eCheck Deposits

At the moment the one online blackjack site that we will recommend over any other is the Sportsbook.com Casino where you can play a variety of different blackjack version and they even offer live dealer blackjack for US customers. At this online blackjack site you will be able to make both deposits and withdrawals using Instant eChecks. This online casino has been around for years now and before they launched their online casino they were one of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the industry. So when you deposit funds here using your Instant eChecks you can always feel that your money is safe and the blackjack games they offer are fair.

Deposit With Instant eChecks and Get a $250 Blackjack Bonus

As a new player signing up to play at the Sportsbook.com blackjack games you will get a 50% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum of $250 that can be used at all the blackjack tables. This bonus is added to your player balance as soon as you make your first deposit using an Instant eCheck and it’s a great way to boost that blackjack bankroll.

About Instant eChecks

Using an Instant eCheck is the same as writing someone a check in real life. The big advantage of using eChecks to make deposits at online blackjack sites is that the money you deposit will become available in your account instantly when you make your deposit.

When it comes to making a withdrawal from a blackjack site after having made a deposit using an Instant eCheck that’s very simply as the online casino where you have been playing will be able to ship the money you have won straight back to your bank account. Keep in mind that a withdrawal is usually taken care of within a couple of hours from the time it was requested but it can take several days for the transfer to hit your bank account due to the processing between different banks. But don’t worry, the money will reach your account, in most cases within a day or two.

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Live Online Casino Games Finally Available at Betfair

The online gambling giant Betfair.com have always been pretty decent when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology in the gaming industry but it’s just last week that they finally got around to adding a live dealer casino to their portfolio.

With a live dealer casino added at a major gambling site like this the live dealer games are surely going to take a huge upswing in general as their 3 million customers become aware of the live online casino phenomenon.

I am surprised that Betfair chose to go with the Playtech live casino platform over Evolution Gaming which is my personal favorite but it might be that the studio at Evolution is starting to get a bit crowded as new blackjack tables are added constantly. If Betfair were to start sending their players to the tables at Evolution it would surely create some waiting time at the live blackjack tables so maybe it’s for the better that they went with Playtech.

The Betfair live online casino is going to be a great option for casino players that are also looking to place some wagers on football matches or other sporting events as Betfair is mainly a sports betting exchange. This way you wouldn’t have to transfer money between different sites while playing live casino games as you have all the gambling alternatives under the same wallet.

At the moment the following live dealer games are available at the Betfair Live Casino:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat

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Real live webcam bingo at brand new BingoCams

Bingocams has recently launched in the UK and brings a whole new concept to the ever popular game.  Bingo has always been a popular game in the UK, and with more and more bingo sites popping up online each day, it makes a refreshing change to see a site which introduces a whole new concept. 

Bingocams although new to the UK market, has been a big hit in other countries, its innovative virtual play idea has won many fans, and now the British public has a chance to see what all the fuss is about. 

Sign up here to try the new live bingo experience!

Bingocams.com takes the traditional online game of bingo to a whole new level, it introduces webcam into play meaning that players can create new friendships, and talk will fellow bingos fanatics face to face.  It also provides access to the chat moderators on a face to face basis, which means if you do encounter a problem or you need to ask for some advise, you will be talking to a real person not just a machine. This is one of the advantages of live bingo.

Bingo chat rooms are big business, and many people enjoy the community atmosphere in the bingo rooms as much as they do playing the game, so the fact that you can have your webcam on throughout play and talk to real people only adds to the appeal 

Bingocams.co.uk is offering a very nice 200% bonus to all its new players up to the value of £50, just their little way of welcoming you to the site.  Another great feature that has been introduced is the live winner’s reaction bonus.  If you are playing with your webcam on and your numbers come up, then your reaction will be posted on the site, the most favourable reaction will win a further cash bonus.  Players can have a face to face chat with any of their online friends, or even a team chat with multiple people at one time. 

The webcam is not compulsory on this site, and you can just play the fantastic games on offer normally without the cam.  It’s great however, to see a different concept introduced to our much loved game; it’s like having your very own bingo hall in the sitting room and we believe webcam live bingo will be a hit.

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Best iPad Casino Apps

The casino is a great location to socialize and get to play exciting games that could help individuals to win large amounts of money. However, many areas do not have a large amount of casino gambling. Also, going to the casino can be rather expensive if a player is to visit often. Thankfully, there are a number of casino applications for the iPad!

# iPad Casino USA Eu Visit Site Play Now
1. winpalace
2. spinpalace
Spin Palace Casino

Casino for iPad is one of the highest ranked apps in the iPad app store. The application costs $6.99 and features a number of games that are available at most casinos. Players are able to play blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, slots and more. Best of all, this gambling costs no real money! This means that players are not spending hundreds of dollars at a casino and are able to enjoy the excitement of gambling from wherever they may be using their iPad at! Casino for iPad is also compatible with many other iOS devices so be sure to check the application page on iTunes for more information!

Slots for iPad is another exciting casino game. There are five different ancient theme slots that can be played from this one application. There are bonus games as well as huge payouts. An auto spinner option is also included for players who are too lazy to pull the handle or hit the button each time. There is music that can be played as well! This amazing app costs $4.99 in order to be downloaded to your iPad for hours upon hours of play. The graphics are amazing detailed and some frequent guests of the casino may recognize many of the games that are loaded into this app. That is because the company behind this application works with many casinos to design games! This app is also a Game Center application. Why not challenge your friends and see who can make it as high up the leader board as possible with this amazing game!

Astraware Casino is a casino application that packs 11 games into a single application. This app for iPad is most popular due to the fact that individuals do not have to pay for or download separate applications for each game that they play. They simply download Astraware Casino for $0.99 from the iPad app store and can play all of their casino favorites! Keno, slots, video poker, blackjack, Texas hold‘em and many other games are available to entice players. While this application may not be the most robust or the most features filled available to iPad casino players, it is still a great bargain find for anyone looking for an affordable and unique casino app for their iPad.

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Sic-Bo Cheater to Play from Behind Bars

Yes, behind bars is the only place a Chinese is going to be playing after he was put in jail for cheating during a bid at a casino. He was at the Marina Bay Sands Casino when he was caught red handed. The arrest took place on Wednesday after he placed a bet after the dice was rolled. He is expected to be jailed for three long months for doing this.

Gu Xiao Dong is a thirty six year old male that we are talking about who is from China. He is a construction worker who was arrested and at his arraignment he pleads guilty to the charges of cheating at a casino bid. He’s only thirty six years old.

He was caught when he was placing twenty five dollar chips on the live sic bo game. This wouldn’t have been an issue but the result had been declared. No bets should have been made. He had wagered five dollars on the three digits die box with a combination of 125. When the die was rolled, he had taken his wager off the table. After the results were announced, he had then put them back on the table but on the winning combination using the same amount. He was caught by the croupier. People applaud this croupier. It is said if he wasn’t caught he could have won seven hundred and fifty dollars. With this he could have been jailed and fined and his sentence would have been five years. It never pays to cheat and this Chinese national is learning that.

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Play Online Casino on your Phone

Those of you who have an Adroid I phone might be able to play casino games as an application is looking at being created. As of right now, there are two online casino companies that have mobile casinos for the iphone. These include: Royal Vegas and Platinum Play. However, the games offered for the moment are standard casino games, and not with live dealers.

There are many games they offer. We know that after speaking with Royal Vegas to see how their mobile casinos work, they offer games such as black jack, video poker, and progressive slots. All the games that you would play online you can play from your Android now through this. Many other companies who offer you internet sites to play casino games will start using this as well. Now, you can really play the game any time and from anywhere just as long as you have your phone.

You have the same thrill as you would when you play it online as well. There are the graphics which flash and all the sounds like you were at a real casino. You even get the bonus offers like you would when you play at home from your computer. For those who go to Platinum Play, they can even double their offers. They look for more offers to come for those who play this as they try to get everyone and anyone who has an iphone to play.

With either casino site you play at, they offer you so much. They offer you round the clock customer support while you are playing these games on your Iphone. They even include all the latest games so that you can keep playing. This is something that you just have to check out if you love to play casino games.

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The Celtic Casino iPod Nano Promo

The Celtic Casino is currently having a special promo promo for all players. They are giving away seven brand new third generations Celtic Green IPod Nano. Those are actually, in mini touch and very tiny gadgets. Hence, it functions as FM radio and this tiny gadget has the capabilities for pedometer, clip and other related files that are supported.

Celtic Casino is a relatively new live casino that has shown great qualities and a casino we truly recommend for the moment.

In order to have the chance to win this Nano you need to get through some requirements. You must first sign up and register to Celtic Casino and make deposits of more than €100 in your casino account. Make sure you make deposits within September 23th and October 31st midnight. Then, you have the opportunity to have the Nano IPod.

You will earn one entry for every more than 100 deposits you made. Thus, the more deposits you make the greater chances you win during the raffle. On the other hand, the terms and conditions for this prize are the following: the player must be in good moral standing. And, at least you deposit 5 times of more than €100. Hence, if ever the player is residing outside the UK cash award around €100 will be given to him in lue of the Surgical Full Body Makeover.

Actually, the drawing date will be on November 3, 2010. And, the winner must consent with all the terms and conditions upon receiving the winning item. The winners of the items must agree that their photos will be posted on Meet the Winners.

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