Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is game mostly found in land based casinos but one that was quickly added online. The game can be a lot of fun and extremely rewarding if you know what you are doing. The game is skill based and is based less on luck however luck always plays a part to some extent, no matter what game one may play and that is just fact.

There are those who prefer online to live dealer but with its inclusion to many online gaming software platforms, baccarat is quickly becoming a common game played by the masses. It can be an entertaining game to play filled with excitement and was often reserved for the elite, not so any longer.

As we all know, online casinos are forever trying to get the upper hand on what they can offer next. Live dealer casinos is the latest and was one in the works for several years before becoming a reality. It removes the need of visiting a land casino as it not only provides most usual casino based games but also games dealt by a real dealer. This was once though impossible but now is a common reality with more and more offering it as an added option. It lets you communicate with other players, talk to the dealer and get the accurate real time dealing of the cards and that has ever been possible online before.

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How it Works and Advantages

Baccarat is a casino based games that is played with cards. Players need to try pre-determining whether the player or dealer will win, both can be bet on. There are a few rules that need to be taken into consideration with the game. The game starts with 2 cards dealt to each the player and the dealer. These are face up, for either player or dealer to win they have to get as close to 9 as possible with the values of their 2 cards added up. For example if the player gets 9 and king he will win unless the dealer has 9 with 10 or any other face card. Should either player or dealer have a total of less than 8 another card will be dealt. The game goes into a lot more detail and I would strongly recommend you look over the game rules before playing.

The style of live online baccarat is also most exactly the same as the normal online style. Players will also have the same options, which may be moved around a little for the live dealer. The dealer will appear in a screen above and you will be notified to place your bets. The game is played the same way you would find in a casino, at a real baccarat table. The video feed is from either a land based casino that has set up the table for online play to or a dedicated studio that will be used for live dealers. This doesn’t make a much of a difference in your game.

The greatest benefit that most who have played online will see, is that the dealing is live, not operated by a RNG program. There are some who will feel that a RNG is geared towards favoring the casino versus the players but this is not the case as those respected all provide results of game payouts. When playing live, that question is eliminated, that simple. You see all movements, actions and play. You hear all player comments as well as those of the dealer. It is live play at is best.

Options for Live Online Baccarat

There are so many casinos available today that players sometime don’t know what to choose to find their games. Players who already joined a casino might also find that do not offer live dealer games just yet. For these reason we have a number of different casinos that you will be able to use with the different live games including baccarat. These casinos include Bet365 Casino, Royal Vegas Casino and Guts Casino.

For those players in America who are interested in playing live dealer casino games will be able to visit CoolCat Casino, Grand Macao Casino or 5Dimes Casino. These casinos will allow all American players as they are not registered in America.

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Different Variations

Baccarat basically only comes with one set of rules, well the real version anyway. There have been developers who have changed these games, but they will not be available live just yet.

Players will find that different game developers will have different table layouts for the game. These all have the same rules, but just use a different layout. Players will get to choose what type of table they like most. Some of the different option may also hold different wagering options.