Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack has always been a game of skill. Although many may see it as a game of luck, knowing when to call and predicting what the dealer result will be involves a lot more than luck. The games has been played all over the world in casino that offer a live dealer, this also added to the social side of a players life, which made it more interesting to visit the casino.

Online casinos have been around for years now and offer players a much greater selection of games, features and bonuses to take advantage of, but one thing they have never been able to do is replace the social side to playing the games you enjoy the most. For this reason there are a lot that choose to visit a land based casino over those online.

All that has changed in recent years as online casinos now provide players with live dealer Blackjack as well. This changes much for those who were skeptical as it eliminates the random number generator that is employed for most online games and as there will be an actually person doing all the dealing of cards right, you are able to see all the action as it happens.

Below we are listing the best online casinos offering Black Jack with live dealers.

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2. Betsafe
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Above sites gives the best real money live Blackjack games but before you hit the blackjack online tables it might be a good idea to keep reading about the game further down on this game, or visit our Blackjack strategy page.

How it works and its Advantages

Blackjack is one of the easier games at casinos, but it can also be one of the most complicated when you go into depth with all the different tricks there are to enhance your chances of winning. As is Blackjack holds one of the highest payout rates in casinos, but if you don’t know what you doing you can lose just as fast as you could win. The game rules are simple, get on or as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Your objective is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. Some of the games rules are as follows; Ace can be seen as 1 or 11, 10 and all face cards are seen as 10 and the rest of the cards hold the value displayed. Players will start with 2 cards (facedown) and 2 cards for the dealer (1 facedown the other face up). Players will be able to look at their cards and request another to get closer to 21 if needed, if not you can stand and wait for the dealer to finish his/her own hand. There are more options that can be used, which will depend on the cards that are dealt.

Live blackjack will provide the same selection you find online. You will get to make all the choices as you normally would for game play and the dealer will appear on screen, front and center, with other viewing screens available to observe game play. The betting choices are equal and limits on tables are clearly identified. You simply place your bets and play the game as you normally would do at any other game. The nice advantage however is the interaction with the dealer and other players. Many will greet you by name, acknowledge when you win a nice hand and be genuinely happy for you. It is that social aspect that most find appealing and one where many felt regular online casinos failed to meet. The fact that you can arrange to meet friends, join together and play against each other is a nice treat. This is especially true for those not close to friends or family and wishing to engage in some blackjack.

Live Casinos offering Blackjack

There are a number of casinos that can host players interested in live dealers. Personally, we strongly recommend Royal Vegas casino, Bet365 and Guts casino. These casinos have a number of different tables available, where players will be able to enjoy other table games with live dealers. They are also providers of different casino games such as slots, normal online tables using random number generators and many more.

Another positive reason to consider these is the fact that they offer multiple promotions allowing for bonuses, vip status and more. It ensures you get the most out of playing but do so with respected and established casinos who act responsibly, are licensed and certified.

American players will also get to play these online live dealer games with all the features offered by the different developers. Feel free to have a look at 5Dimes casino, Grand Macao casino or CoolCats casino.

Different Variations

With Blackjack there have been many casinos that come up with new versions of the game and how to play. Although these versions are not available in live dealer options yet, you will be able to find a number of different table layouts and betting features at some casinos. This will allow players to choose what is important to them and what layout works best.