Blackjack Betting Strategies

In blackjack, it is not how many hands of blackjack you win or you lose, it is how much you have bet when you win or lose those hands of blackjack that matters. There is no avoiding the fact that the game of blackjack is designed to where the house, or casino you play in will beat you more hands in blackjack than you beat them. The key to the game of blackjack is to know when to bet big and when to bet small. Hopefully, you will find yourself betting big on winning hands of blackjack and small on losing hands of blackjack, but that is not as easy as it sounds.

A lot of blackjack players believe that if they learn how to count cards while playing blackjack, that they will then know when to bet big at blackjack and when to bet small at blackjack. They think that if they count the cards already dealt, keeping track of how many small cards versus ten valued cards have been played, they will be able to come up with a number that is to determine the amount of big cards versus small cards are coming and to be sure to bet when the ratio is in favor of ten valued cards coming. The problem I find with this theory is, just because ten valued cards are coming, more so than the non ten valued cards, does not mean that only the blackjack player stands to receive those ten valued cards, the blackjack dealer him or herself could just as easily be getting those kings and queens.

You will usually find that if you “flat bet” by never fluctuating your blackjack bet amount, that you can and most likely, will lose over a hundred dollars an hour, easily at a five dollar minimum bet blackjack table. Fluctuating your blackjack bet is the only sure way you have a chance of winning any money that you can take home or to the bank with you. Some blackjack players bet solely based on gut feelings or hunches. Some blackjack players bet on a progressive style basis, which means to raise your bet by one unit or one chip after each winning blackjack hand. Some blackjack players like to “parlay” their bets, meaning if you win a five dollar blackjack hand, to raise your blackjack bet to ten dollars and on to twenty dollars if that blackjack hand wins. The problem with parlaying your blackjack bet, is that you will always lose your biggest bet.

An other style of betting is called, “Negative Progression”. Negative progression is to double your blackjack bet every time you lose a blackjack hand. If you start off with a five dollar blackjack bet and win that hand, you bet five dollars again, if you bet five dollars and lose that blackjack hand, you bet ten dollars, lose that and wager twenty dollars the next blackjack hand, once you finally win a blackjack hand, you drop back down to minimum bet of five dollars, only winning back what you lost and making only five dollars. This strategy is rarely played in casinos, and for many good reasons. The problem with this strategy is, once you lose a few blackjack hands in a row, you have reached maximum bet and can no longer double your losing blackjack bet. Even if you found that blackjack table with no table limit, you still could end up in a jam, really fast. What if you lost a few blackjack hands in a row, $160 bet after losing only a handful of blackjack hands, what if you double down on that blackjack hand and lose, now you have to bet $640, just to try to recover your recent losses. What if on that six hundred and forty dollar bet, you get a pair of eights and have to split, only to get an other eight and have to re-split, then you get some twos for your eights and likely want to double down, only to find the blackjack dealer flip over a six card twenty one and now you have to get a calculator to figure out how much you have to wager on your next blackjack hand, just to break even and make five dollars.

These are just a couple blackjack betting strategies I have witnessed blackjack players use when playing the game of blackjack. Some of the blackjack betting systems will work some of the time, but rarely do any of them work all of the time. Negative progression is the only blackjack betting strategy that makes the most mathematical sense, but with table limits in place at most blackjack tables, it has the least likeliness of working well in the long term.

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