Blackjack: Internet Vs. Casino

The game of Blackjack can be played either in a casino that you have to get dressed for, fight through traffic to drive to, look for a parking spot, walk to the door, present your picture ID to a security guard to prove you are either twenty one years of age, or eighteen years of age, depending on the age requirement for the casino you drive to, search for an open blackjack table that has the table limits within your budget, sit down, be around other people, including a blackjack dealer and fellow blackjack players.

Possibly get yelled at by some of those fellow blackjack players, if they feel you did something that cost them a hand, tip the blackjack dealer, tip the beverage server, tip the valet attendant that parked your car, inhale smoke from the cigarette smokers around you, listen to the profane language of the people around you… Or, you could simply roll out of bed, or stay in bed, if you have a laptop, turn on your computer, log on to the Internet, and go to a website that offers on line Blackjack. Since you can now even play online with live dealers, there are many advantages of taking on the game of Blackjack in one of the great live dealer casinos we are presenting.

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Though Blackjack on the Internet is very similar to blackjack in a casino, it does have it’s many differences. To play blackjack on the Internet, you don’t have to get dressed, you don’t have to get out of bed, you don’t have to find a sitter for your kids or pets, you don’t have to explain to your spouse where it is you are going, you don’t even have to have a penny of cash on you, or go to the cash machine or bank on your way to the blackjack table. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer, Internet access, credit or debit card, money in your bank account and you are ready to play blackjack.

Playing blackjack on the Internet is a great way to avoid being around other people, if you are the type of person that does not play blackjack for the social experience. The game moves much faster, since there is no human person shuffling the cards after each shoe, no security guards coming to the table to stop the game and add or take away chips from the dealer’s chip tray. No need for tipping anyone, no one swearing around you, nobody hassling you about your strategy of play and best of all, you can drink and eat anything you want at the table when you play blackjack on the Internet as opposed to playing in a casino that you have to drive to. Of course some of these things apply for an online casino using live dealers.

Playing blackjack on the Internet as opposed to playing in a live casino is great for escaping the loud, smoke filled hustle and bustle of a crowded building filled with mirrors, busy carpet and obnoxious people that will possibly try to take your chips when you are not looking or try to panhandle cash or chips from you when you are on a winning streak. It is a great way to play blackjack amongst other blackjack players in the comfort of your own bedroom, office, den, family room or kitchen table.