When It is Time to Change Blackjack Tables

While playing the game of Blackjack, in a casino that you drive to or one that you play at on the Internet, you will most likely encounter the urge to get up from the blackjack table you are playing blackjack at, and go to an other. It is important to not always ignore this feeling. This also goes for playing live dealer Blackjack online.

A lot of blackjack players have their own theories and ideas of how they chose a blackjack table to play blackjack at, or which on line room to play blackjack in.

Some blackjack players base their choice of blackjack table based on the blackjack dealer at the table, it’s good to keep in mind, most of the time, that blackjack dealer is not going to be at that blackjack table for more than an hour and will most likely not return to that same blackjack table after taking his or her break.

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Some blackjack players will base their blackjack table selection based on the amount of blackjack chips the current blackjack players have in front of them, under the assumption that all of the blackjack chips on the blackjack table are winnings that the blackjack players have acquired at that blackjack table. A good thing to remember, you never know at which blackjack table those blackjack players got those blackjack chips, you never know how much of those blackjack chips are winnings, and how much are bankroll that the blackjack player is actually in for. Even if all of those blackjack chips did come from that blackjack table, and they were all winnings, that does not mean that the blackjack table is still “dumping” to the blackjack players, and that it will remain to do so after you sit down and change the number of blackjack players.

A lot of times, as we sit at a blackjack table where the house just keeps beating us, hand after ugly hand, we get the urge to move to an other blackjack table, we could do one of two things at this point. We could get up, leave the blackjack table, go on the hunt for a new blackjack table to play at, where we have no idea of how the blackjack players are at the next blackjack table we decide to play at, no clue as to how they play, how they conduct themselves. We also have the option of staying at the blackjack table that has been abusing us all night and hope that it changes. Sitting at a losing blackjack table and waiting for it to change can sometimes be a foolish choice, after all, we have no clue as to how long a blackjack table can just kill you, shoe after shoe, we have no clue how long a blackjack table can go, without eventually turning around and letting go of some winning blackjack hands. In a perfect world, you would have left that blackjack table, before it clobbered you for hours, not after, after that kind of winning streak for the house, would surely have to be a streak where the blackjack players could beat the blackjack dealer for awhile.

One thing is certainly for sure, most of the time, the odds dictate that blackjack tables will eventually, at some point even out, wins and losses will balance out over a period of time, giving the house only around a five percent edge over the blackjack player. What the unknown is, is ‘when’ and ‘how long’ will it take for the money to come your way.

A lot of blackjack players will watch a blackjack table, before sitting down, wait for a good count, if they are card counters, or if they just like to play blackjack during streaks of when the blackjack dealer is breaking a lot, some blackjack players will just wait until the blackjack dealer is starting to lose, and then sit down and hope that the pattern continues.

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