releases Live Dealer Super Six Baccarat Game

Bodog88 januvia announced recently that it has launched a brand new live-dealer edition of its popular Super Six Baccarat online casino game. The Super Six version of the baccarat game is already becoming one of the most popular card games at land-based casinos all across Asia. A spokesperson for the Bodog Casino said he’s sure that the online version of the card game will be just as popular as it is in brick and mortar casinos.

He believes that card players may even prefer the online live version of the game since the winning calculations will be quite a bit simpler when compared to the various land-based versions of it. He added that the online casino is absolutely thrilled at being able to offer this brand new version of live dealer baccarat to its loyal customers. He said the online casino is always trying to give its players what they want and will always attempt to meet their demands and needs at all times.

With Bodog’s live online casino game, if the banker happens to win the baccarat contest with any point total other than a six, the bet payout will be called evens (1/1). But if when banker wins with exactly six points, then all of the bets will be paid off at 0.5/1. Also, additional wagers can be made by players on a Super Six result in the way of an insurance bet that will pay out at a total of 12/1.

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