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BogartCasino brings to mind the older days of gambling, from the old-fashioned ‘vintage’ layout of graphics to the name itself (here’s looking at you, kid!) As far as online casino sites go, BogartCasino is certainly one of the most rewarding, offering a quite generous 100% signup bonus, as well as bonuses on individual casino game wins.

By far the biggest draw of BogartCasino would be the live dealer casino games offered exclusively on the online casino site. If you have ever wanted to feel the rush of the roulette table, but don’t feel like making the drive to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, BogartCasino has you covered.

In live dealer roulette you will be able to do everything you can in the real life casino except blow on the chips used to bet for luck (supposedly blowing on the computer screen doesn’t work as well!)

The only thing you have to worry about when playing live roulette is getting your bets in with enough time to spare before the next spin occurs. It’s almost like having an entire roulette table in your own private computer room! Live dealer baccarat is also up and running, and you will be able to select your card dealer and watch as they shuffle up live and deal. If you go to a live casino to play baccarat, you will actually see virtual hands that represent players like the ones on BogartCasino who are actually betting along with the live action, in real-time.

This is how seamless the difference is between live dealer play and real life play! For people who are paranoid about random number generators from other online casinos not being as ‘random’ as the real casino experience, the opportunities from BogartCasino cannot be missed. Whether this system is legal doesn’t negate fact that the Live Dealer Roulette is been considered by many gaming enthusiasts online to be most exciting development as sliced bread.

It is facilitated through some great technological advancements in the Internet connectivity as well as video or audio web streaming, the Live Dealer has made the splash in online gaming scene! Thus, does the Live Dealer Roulette will give their players edge over house? Verdict is still out on that, and thus we will leave it one up to the audience to decide.

Bogarts Casino is one of the few live dealer casinos accepting US players and you will be sure to play in a user friendly and secure environment with fun games and very pretty dealers!

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