Exclusive Promotions SmartLive VIP Lounge Club

The SmartLive VIP Lounge Club offers up to 5% of cash back to its players. The Platinum VIP Casino offers fabulous prizes for the regular players. VIP Promotions state up to 100% bonus of match up the maximum of £250 and up to 5% of cash back on casino products and live games. However, the Platinum offer 100% bonus of match up the maximum of £500 and 10% cash back at casino products and live games.

The VIP Lounge is able to deliver the maximum number of bonuses at live games and also maximum cash backs too. This is an exclusive club for the casino lovers. The players love to play the games that are being managed by SmartLive Casino. This casino makes excess of promotions and rewarding events that can be played at the casino. Just by playing live roulette, blackjack or any other game you can get your share.

The players need to get registered with the website and then have to deposit about £1,000 to become a member of the casino. This will help you make about £3,000 in a calendar month. The VIP winners are been given special prizes and are treated a VIP.

VIP Lounge Club organizes events to promote the online casino all over the world. These festivals are also been organized to deliver prizes to the winners.

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