Fast Paced Live Online Blackjack Tables

One of the biggest issues when playing live online blackjack is the time it takes for a new hand to start after the previous is over. At the PlayTech powered live dealer casinos the wait in between hands is 30 seconds which can feel like too much and you are likely to get bored quickly as most of us are action junkies. At the SmartLive Casino the wait in between hands is also 30 seconds but here it’s understandable as they are also broadcasting their games on TV which might require some extra time for the players to make their bets.

The leading software provider when it comes to live dealer gaming right now is Evolution Gaming and they are once again showing that they are the leader when it comes to knowing what the players want as they recently launched their live blackjack tables with only 8 seconds between hands. Now if you are used to the regular 30 seconds to place your bets you will probably think the new 8 seconds is too fast for you. But you have to keep in mind that all Evolution Gaming casino have the repeat button which is all you need to click in order to place your bets. They don’t require you to press a confirm button before the games start like at the PlayTech casinos.

After just a couple of sessions I am sure you will love the new blackjack tables with only 8 seconds delay between hands, I sure do. This change will probably make it easier for people who usually play the fast paced online blackjack games with a RNG to head over to the live online blackjack tables instead and enjoy the good looking dealers and the completely fair gaming.

If you haven’t tried out any of the Evolution Gaming casinos yet we can recommend the Ladbrokes Live Casino which is my favorite live online casino.

One thought on “Fast Paced Live Online Blackjack Tables

  1. After reading this article I headed over to Betsson and funded my live casino account to try out these fast paced tables. In the beginning I was thinking, wow this is going way too fast for me but after a couple of hands at the live blackjack tables you get used to the faster pace and now I can’t stand going back to the 30 second wait at my usual Playtech casino.

    From now on I’ll keep my blackjack gaming at the Evolution powered casinos.

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