Live Dealer Texas Hold’em

If you are like half of the world, a Texas Holdem fanatic, than you will love the new online live casino Texas Holdem! Although it is only available at very few internet casinos. Sure, you can play Texas Holdem at nearly any online casino or poker room, but most of those don’t even show a dealer let alone real cards. Not to say that graphics aren’t amazing and getting better with each year, nothing can replace the real deal. Recently a few online casinos like Smart Live casino started featuring live dealers to give their players a more realistic feel. In fact, many of the live dealer casinos which offer games like live dealer Baccarat and live dealer Roulette streamline video of real life dealers in real life brick and mortar casinos.

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How to Play Live Casino Texas Hold’em

Live Dealer Casino Texas Holdem is played like any Texas Holdem, only it is a mixture of online and offline Poker. Unlike online Poker, you will get a real live dealer, dealing real life cards and unlike offline Poker, with webcam poker you can play it from the comfort of your own home! No need to waste gas driving all the way to the closest casino to your home, all you have to do is make sure you have an internet connection and a newer computer and you can play live dealer casino Texas Holdem from anywhere you choose!

So here is the deal, the limit structure and stakes you are playing may change the way you bet, but all the rules of the game are the same. Texas Holdem Poker can be played with up to 9 players at a table as well as a dealer in the center of one of the long sides. Because this game is played against other players at the table and not against the dealer, their is no house edge and therefore better odds. If you are playing a tournament, the dealer will deal each player a card and the player with the highest card will win the button. If there is a 2 player tie, it will be decided with suits with spades being the best. If you are playing in a ring game you may be given the option to buy the button if it will be a minute before you can get into the action. This means that you will place a big blind bet as well and be able to play in the first hand. In both tournaments and ring games, the player nearest to the dealer’s left will be the small blind and the player to their left will be the big blind. Game play will continue clockwise around the table.

Once the blinds have been placed (and antes if there are some) the dealer will start dealing the cards starting with the small blind, finishing when everyone has 2 hole cards, the dealer is always the last player to receive a card in Texas Holdem. Once all cards have been dealt, play will start with the player on the left side of the big blind and follow around the table with the big blind being last to act(this is of course only if it has not been raised). Once all bets have been called, the dealer will then burn one card(top card off the deck goes in a pile face down) and flop 3 community cards(3 cards face up on the table that everyone can use. Action will start with the small blind or the person closest to the small blind and they will have the option to check, bet or fold(of course folding when first to act with no bets on the board is quite silly). Once all bets have been called the dealer will burn another card and flip the turn(the fourth face up community card). Action will again start with the small blind or the player nearest them. Once all bets have been called the dealer will burn the last burn card and turn the river(the fifth and final community card). Followed by the final betting round. Once all bets have been called players will turn their hands to show the best 5 card poker hand. The dealer will give the pot to the winner.