Man shot in Russian roulette for refusing to take his turn

It’s sort of difficult to figure out who the winner is and who the losers are in a session of Russian roulette. It all really depends on the participant’s state of mind I guess. If you’re trying to commit suicide you’re hoping to find the bullet, if you’re just playing for a cheap thrill, then you are praying you don’t hear a bang when it’s your turn to pull the trigger.

For those who aren’t sure what Russian Roulette is, basically you load one bullet into the chamber of a gun, usually one that holds six bullets, and then spin the chamber, point the gun to your head and pull the trigger. If the gun doesn’t go off you pass the weapon to the next person who does the same thing. Needless to say, the game’s over when the bullet is found.

Because it’s hard to know who the winner is, it’s pretty hard to cheat at the game, unless you happen to pass on your shot that is. That’s exactly what happened in Delaware, USA recently when a group of men got together for some drinking and a game of Russian roulette. One of the participants apparently came to his senses and refused to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger.

However, the other players weren’t amused so one of them took the gun and pulled it for him. Needless to say, the gun went off and the man was killed. Police from the city of Wilmington showed up on the scene and charged two illegal immigrants with murder. The man killed was a 30-year-old native of Mexico, named Juan Tomas Chaves Robles.

The police department said that a 31-year-old man named Antonio Vieyra now faces charges of second-degree murder, while a 28-year-old by the name of Cecilio Mendez-Ballesteros is facing charges of first-degree murder. The two gunmen are also up against charges of possession of a deadly weapon during a felony. It’s believed that Vieyra took the gun to the house.

Police said the men were all drinking together at the residence of Mendez-Ballesteros on Saturday Oct. 23rd and Robles, the victim had been there since Friday. Police said they found him dead on the Saturday afternoon with a bullet in his head at just before 5 p.m. Mendez-Ballesteros and Vieyra were arrested by Wilmington police shortly after. The dead man, Robles is also believed to be an illegal alien.

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