RedBet Live Dealer Review

Red Bet Live CasinoThere is certainly nothing new about offering live casino experiences on the Internet. However, Red Bet is one of the first online casinos to begin offering as expansive of a live dealer experience for three of their most popular games – Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Not only can you see the dealer as they perform their job, you can watch the game progress live. For example, you can get the experience of watching the roulette wheel spin and the ball bounce and roll as it lands in, hopefully, the winning slot.

The Live Dealers at Red Bet

If you visit, you can view the pictures and profiles of each live dealer before you begin to play. This allows you to get to know something about your live dealer that you might not even be able to find at an offline casino. Each dealer’s profile includes information about what they enjoy doing in their free time, where they are from and how they got their job as a live dealer at Red Bet.

Currently there are ten live dealers at Red Bet including the following:

Baccarat: Alexandra and Darya
Roulette: Jelena, Kate and Junita
Blackjack: Zhanna, Snezhana, Marija, Ksenia and Kristina

How Live Dealer Games Work at RedBet

Each live dealer game is broadcast from a studio located in Riga, Latvia. There are no live players allowed at the studio so only players participating in casino play at RedBet will be allowed to interact with the dealers. You do not need to download the software at RedBet to participate in live dealer games as they are available directly on your browser. You can see the game table and the dealer as they handle the game but you are not permitted to display your web cam.

All chat is done through a text feature and the live dealers will answer any questions that you have about the game. In the event of a dealer error or technical question, a live pit boss is also available to solve issues and answer questions. However, the live dealers are very well trained and mistakes are very rare.

Rules in Live Dealer Games at RedBet

There are a few rules that you must adhere to while playing with live dealers at Red Bet:

You may not use offensive or abusive language when using the chat feature.

You are not allowed to ask the dealer or pit boss questions about your account as they have no access to it.

Due to the fact that each live dealer broadcast comes from Latvia, players from this country may not use the live dealer feature at Red Bet.

If you are disconnected from a game, any bets made during the game will stand. If you do not return by the end of the hand in live Blackjack, your hand will be classified as a stand and the game will continue as necessary.

If you enjoy the experience of playing against other players in a live setting, you will likely enjoy the experience of playing with a live dealer at Red Bet. As one of the newest developments in online gambling, you can take advantage of the features provided by Red Bet live dealers by visiting their web site and creating a real money account today.

RedBet Live Casino