Sic-Bo Cheater to Play from Behind Bars

Yes, behind bars is the only place a Chinese is going to be playing after he was put in jail for cheating during a bid at a casino. He was at the Marina Bay Sands Casino when he was caught red handed. The arrest took place on Wednesday after he placed a bet after the dice was rolled. He is expected to be jailed for three long months for doing this.

Gu Xiao Dong is a thirty six year old male that we are talking about who is from China. He is a construction worker who was arrested and at his arraignment he pleads guilty to the charges of cheating at a casino bid. He’s only thirty six years old.

He was caught when he was placing twenty five dollar chips on the live sic bo game. This wouldn’t have been an issue but the result had been declared. No bets should have been made. He had wagered five dollars on the three digits die box with a combination of 125. When the die was rolled, he had taken his wager off the table. After the results were announced, he had then put them back on the table but on the winning combination using the same amount. He was caught by the croupier. People applaud this croupier. It is said if he wasn’t caught he could have won seven hundred and fifty dollars. With this he could have been jailed and fined and his sentence would have been five years. It never pays to cheat and this Chinese national is learning that.

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