SmartLive Fantastic Friday Promo

Cashing-in on Fridays would be a better idea for celebrating the weekends. The website developers offer a bonus of £50 in advance so that a new player can play the live game. This amount is been transferred to the player’s account in order the player would manage his game. The websites offer the carnival atmosphere at the casinos and let players make their deposit of £50 to make them play. The SmartLive Fantastic Friday Promo promotes this only on Fridays. A person wishing to become a player would get registered here.

One account is given to one customer. Numbers of players are not allowed to play through a single account. A player can play about 35 times when he deposits £50. However, this offer is only for the outside customers and not for the employees of SmartLive.

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The free credit amount is limited to £50 per player. This applies to ‘Play for Cash’ to the single amounts deposited by the individuals. FRIDAY50 is the offer that excludes individual’s first deposits that are made by Debit Card or Credit Card. SmartLive is one of our most recommended casinos with great action on live roulette, Blackjack and many other games with real dealers.

The bets can be placed on Red, Black, Low, High, and Even, Odd or other spots as required. If you are suspected by the casino that you are a former player then you won’t be granted the bonus amount. This would become the reason that you would abuse the casino.

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