New Player Promotions at Bogart Casino

Internet has been very widely used by people who favour <a href="http://www.livedealercasino more tips”>live casino games. Casino games are one of the greatest entertainments and while entertaining yourself you can easily earn so much money. Out of the endless number of Online Casinos there are only a few that have attractive promotions for their customers.

Bogart Casino is one of those online casinos that offer sensational promotions to their customers from all around the world. You can even earn great prizes when you simply register with Bogart Casino. When you sign up on this great online casino and deposit a sum you can easily earn 100% bonus and spend it as well as you wish. What should be noted is that the minimum amount of funds that can be deposited is $50 and the maximum amount that cans the deposited is $50000.

Also additional information about this great promotion is that this bonus is offered to those that sign up with Bogart Casino on their first time. There is also other promotions such as reload bonuses which is that if you deposit $50 to $99 you can get 10% from your first deposit in a day, $100 to $299 gets 15%, $300 to $499 gets 20%, $500 to $1500 gets 25% bonus in a day.

Another great promotion is the Speciality BONUS Program which is highly proffered by people who enjoy playing the following games with bonus; Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat and Craps.

To benefit from these promotions all you have to do is to sign up with Bogart Casino and start playing straight away.

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Bogart Casino Bonus Program

The Bogart Casino online casino games website is one of the most popular of its kind precisely due to their variety in promotions and bonuses made available to the members. Once you’ve signed up to join Bogart Casino as a member, you’ll have the benefit of a very generous 1st deposit-matching bonus of 100% (if you deposit from between $50 and $500). This generous bonus means that you can start playing at Bogart Casino with a $1,000 bankroll after only putting up half of the amount!

If you reload your bankroll with Bogart Casino, you’ll also get bonuses on every first deposit of the day. A 10% match bonus awaits those who deposit between $50 and $99, while 15% gets awarded deposits between $100 and $299, then 20% for $300 to $499, and 25% for $500 to $1500.

Blackjack and Video Poker also offer an 18% deposit bonus (up to $1000), Roulette and Live Roulette have the 15% deposit bonus (up to $750), and Live/Regular Baccarat and Craps give a 12% bonus (up to $500). If you require a bigger deposit amount, yet still wish to receive the maximum bonus, you can contact the Bogart Casino support center and they’ll take care of your unique situation. They have a very good support system in place which gives you an opportunity to interact and clear up your queries with them.

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