Smart Live Casino Offering All-Expenses Trip to Las Vegas

Smart Live Casino is offering one lucky player and a companion an all-expenses paid trip to Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be one grand prize winner named for the free holiday at the end of the promotion. To become eligible for the Las Vegas trip you just have to try and collect as many Vegas points as possible during the contest.

The simplest way to do this is to be one of the site’s top 10 players each week when it comes to online wagering. This means the more you play and wager the more points you’ll receive for the contest.

The top-wagering player for the week will receive 20 points and the second will receive 18 points and the third will receive 16 and so on down the list until 10th place with each place receiving two points less. Therefore the 10th-place finisher for the week will earn two Vegas points towards the all-expenses paid trip.

Players will also have the chance to earn more points for the contest as Smart Live Casino will be offering special rewards and competitions throughout the promotion. In addition, the top-10 wagering players each month will also receive a £10 bonus which can be used anywhere on the casino’s website.

All you need to do to become eligible for the free holiday to Las Vegas is have an account with smart Live Casino and wager with real money. The winner will be the player with the most Vegas points. The promotion runs between July 1st and October 1st, 2011.

Players will be able to view the current top-10 wagering boars on the Smart Live Casino website and it’ll be updated on a weekly basis. The trip to Las Vegas needs to be taken between October and December of 2011.

Smart Live Casino is known as one of the most popular live online casinos in Europe. The variety of live games are operated by licensed croupiers. The Smart Gaming Group is registered in Wales and England and licensed and regulated by the U.K. Gambling Commission. The casino’s website is operated and licensed in Malta.

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Study Shows that Vegas Tourists Would Rather Play Out of the Casinos than in Them

It’s been presumed for years now that as the popularity of online casinos and poker rooms rises, the popularity of land-based casino gambling has been on the decline, especially since the economic changes in the US have affected big gambling city revenue like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now a new study has proven the fact. According to the study done by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which promotes Las Vegas tourism, people in Las Vegas are actually spending less money and vacation time on gambling. When they do gamble in the casinos, they wager less amounts on common games like slots, blackjack, and craps.

The agency reported that in 2010, 80% of tourists spent an average $466 per person on casino gambling, slightly lower than the 2009 average, which was $482 per person. The study also showed that not only was the amount of money spent on gambling less, but so was the time actually spent in the casinos. In 2009, the average casino patron gambled about 3.2 hours per day, whereas, is 2010, the time was calculated at less than three hours per day.

The reduced time and money spent in casino gambling in 2010 seems to be made up for in other Vegas attraction activities. Money spent on food and drink, hotels rooms, shows, transportation, shopping, and sightseeing has actually increased, making up for the shortage in casino gambling. Tourists are now taking more advantage of other interests Vegas has to offer.

Online casinos is one of the major factors in these variables in Vegas revenue. Tourists would rather spend their gambling time and money at home, online, in the comfort of their homes whenever they please without the hassle of travel. Online casinos offer more incentives than land-based casinos, as well, like bonuses and other promotions. Frankly, if tourists are going to leave their homes for vacation and travel, they want to make the most of it and not spend their holiday sitting in a dark, smoky casino. They’d rather experience Vegas for everything else the city has to offer.

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