Live Casino Tournaments at LuckyLive

Be crowned king of the tournament at is launching a new promotion where you could find yourself crowned with the title of ‘King of the Live Casino Games”. The online casino is holding a live tournament that runs between August and December 2011.

At the end of the event, the player who has accumulated the most points in the specific online casino games will capture the grand prize for the month and also be named king of the game. Players can accumulate points by making wagers on the live game of the month. Online players can earn one point for each euro that they bet in the tournament.

In fact, there will be four different kings crowned at the conclusion of the tournament. There will be one named for each of the four different live online casino games that make up the event. These are live baccarat, roulette, blackjack with early payout, and Texas hold’em bonus poker.

There will also be an additional prize of 3,000 euros during the final month of the event, which is called the Final Tournament Round. This prize will go to the player who has earned the most points in total for all of the four different tournament games combined in the last month of the contest.

So, as well as being named king of the online game, each wager will give players an opportunity to win one of the four first-place prizes as well as several other ones.

The game for August will be live roulette with a first-place prize of €1000, and a €100 prize for those who finish in second through to fifth place.

The live game for September will be blackjack with early payout with a first-place prize of €1000, and a €100 prize for those who finish in second through to fifth place.

The live game for October will be baccarat with a first-place prize of €1000, and a €100 prize for those who finish in second through to fifth place.

The live game for November will be Texas hold’em poker with a first-place prize of €1000, and a €100 prize for those who finish in second through to fifth place.

The live game for December be the Final Tournament Round which will consist of live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Texas hold’em poker. There will be a first-place prize of €3000 and a €500 prize for those who finish in second through to fifth place.

LuckyLiveCasino will send daily emails to all participating players that will feature the updates leader board. The monthly winners will be sent an email to notify them of their prizes and the grand prize winner of the 3,000 euros will be announced on the website on Jan. 5th, 2012.

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Lucky Live Casino gives its site a complete makeover

Many people say, “It’s all in the presentation.” However, you need to have something of substance to back it up and that’s exactly what you get at Lucky Live Casino. The online gaming site was one of the first ones to offer online casino with real dealers, which have suddenly become all the rage in the industry. The Lucky Live site has always also been appealing and quite attractive to players, but it’s about to go through a complete makeover to make it an even more interactive, enjoyable, and fun experience for all of its visitors.

Lucky Live Casino is considered to be one of the online gaming world’s trendsetters and innovators and that’s partly due to its state-of-the-art design, which it featured from the very first day it launched on the internet. As they say, “imitation is the best form of flattery,” and the Lucky Live Casino must have been very flattered when numerous other online casinos started to duplicate their design and model. In fact, many of them used an almost identical version of the site and only changed the name on it, replacing Lucky Live Casino with their own.

However, since Lucky Live are trailblazers, they get itchy feet pretty quickly and the online casino thought it was time to leave the competition standing still and give their online presence a facelift. The site’s new look and feel is designed to make things even more pleasant and easy for players as they navigate through it to enjoy their favourite online casino games. The new-look site is also aimed at giving the user a more realistic and authentic casino feel to it. You won’t get any cigar smoke blowing in your face and free drinks, but you’ll get to hear the familiar casino sounds and interact with a live dealer.

Lucky Live Casino is committed to create an excellent online gaming experience for players of all levels and their new design is bound to separate them from the rest of the pack. The website was one of the first to feature live dealers online and has continued to be among the most popular of internet gaming sites.

Along with its entertaining variety of live dealer games, Lucky Live also offers dozens of RNG games. Players are welcome to play free and real money casino as practice accounts are made available for those who’d like to give the games a try before wagering their money on them.

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Lucky Live Casino general Promotions

Live Dealer Casinos are very widely visited casinos by people from all around the world. They are so great because they do not require you to travel around and you can sit in your room and enjoy real dealers at the table.

Lucky Live Casino is one of the greatest casinos which are visited by casino lovers from countries in all around the world. There are so many great promotional offers which are main reason of the high numbers of customers Lucky Live Casino attracts.

The mostly chosen promotion on Lucky Live Casino has been the Smart for two car promotion. The current promotions are almost as good as the car promotion. Customers that make an initial deposit will get awarded with 100% of the deposit they have. Also there is a chance of earning 200 euros bankroll and you get to spend the whole 100 euros of this amount. If you are wondering about what you have to do to get this great bonus, it is not a very difficult task.

All you have to do is to register on the Lucky Live Casino and start playing the great live casino games that have been made available for you to entertain yourself and win at the same time. Along with this promotion for those who deposit 1 to 300 euros in one day there is a bonus of 10% of the funds you have deposited and also if you deposit more than 300 euros you will be awarded with 15% and these bonuses are available on every deposit.

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