PokerStars Alternatives and Replacements for USA Players

It’s been a couple of chaotic days in the online gambling industry as the US DoJ decided to seize the domains of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and The latest developments are that the DoJ have allowed PokerStars to get their domain back and get the site up and running on the .com domain again as long as they pay all outstanding debts to US player and don’t let US players take part in any real money poker games.

Most sites are recommending Intertops Poker and Lock Poker which is supposed to work fine for US players even after the April 15th seize. Now we can’t vouch for LockPoker as we have never even heard about that site but we know for a fact that the products and payment processing is top notch when it comes to catering for the US market. These guys have been around for a long time and even after the UIGEA back in 2006 they are still able to process credit card deposit from US players with a 90% success rate and that’s pretty good in today’s online gambling climate.

The Poker guys are currently running a great promotion in order to attract PokerStars players over to the Poker room with a 50% bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Now this isn’t your normal poker bonus which will clear after X amount of hands or player points. This bonus is instantly credited to your account upon your first deposit. Now that’s something we haven’t seen since the good old days back in 2003 when online poker was booming.

If you are a PokerStars players looking for a good alternative after the 15th of April shut down then we can recommend Intertops Poker.

Oh, and we forgot… <a href="http://www.livedealercasino click over” target=”_self”> Poker is a part of one of the largest US facing poker network so you can be sure there is plenty of fish at the table waiting to donate their money.

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Italian Government Cracks Down on Italian Poker Players to Pay Taxes

Card Player Europe recently reported that Italian poker pros might find themselves the target on an Italian Revenue Agency investigation, as well as under scrutiny by the Guardi di Finanza. The inquiry by the agency will be exploring the actual income of Italian Poker pros and comparing those numbers to the income they declared on their taxes.

Winnings from both domestic and foreign online poker rooms will be analyzed, as well as sponsorship contracts and royalties paid and any foreign assets in international banks.

A number of Italian poker players received a letter attached to a form asking the players to fill out the form and return it to a local tax office. Italian tax laws do require Italian poker players to play taxes on their winnings, even those acquired from non-Italian online poker sites, similar to Sweden’s tax laws regarding online poker winnings.

Card Player Europe states,

“Foreign bank accounts associated with online gaming will be monitored and if the balance or any movements in and out of the account exceeds €10,000, it should be declared as a financial asset that could produce foreign income which will then be taxed accordingly.”

Italy is new to the online poker industry, as they are one of the newest countries to enter the market and legalize Internet poker for their citizens. In the regulation bill, a 20% taxation was implemented on any revenue taken in by a licensed Italy-based online poker site. Now the Italian government is following up to make sure players are adhering to the laws and regulations of Internet poker when it comes to paying taxes.

When playing live dealer casino games you will not have to pay tax on your winnings if the site you are playing at is located within Europe. Check out our complete guide to the best Italian live dealer casinos and start playing roulette or blackjack with real live dealer.

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