PokerStars Alternatives and Replacements for USA Players

It’s been a couple of chaotic days in the online gambling industry as the US DoJ decided to seize the domains of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and The latest developments are that the DoJ have allowed PokerStars to get their domain back and get the site up and running on the .com domain again as long as they pay all outstanding debts to US player and don’t let US players take part in any real money poker games.

Most sites are recommending Intertops Poker and Lock Poker which is supposed to work fine for US players even after the April 15th seize. Now we can’t vouch for LockPoker as we have never even heard about that site but we know for a fact that the products and payment processing is top notch when it comes to catering for the US market. These guys have been around for a long time and even after the UIGEA back in 2006 they are still able to process credit card deposit from US players with a 90% success rate and that’s pretty good in today’s online gambling climate.

The Poker guys are currently running a great promotion in order to attract PokerStars players over to the Poker room with a 50% bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Now this isn’t your normal poker bonus which will clear after X amount of hands or player points. This bonus is instantly credited to your account upon your first deposit. Now that’s something we haven’t seen since the good old days back in 2003 when online poker was booming.

If you are a PokerStars players looking for a good alternative after the 15th of April shut down then we can recommend Intertops Poker.

Oh, and we forgot… <a href="http://www.livedealercasino click over” target=”_self”> Poker is a part of one of the largest US facing poker network so you can be sure there is plenty of fish at the table waiting to donate their money.

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Online Gambling Sites That Take Instant eChecks 2011

Since there aren’t that many online gambling sites that accept Instant eChecks after the big online poker bust on the 15th of April we thought we would make this post to keep you up to date on the few gambling websites that are still able to accept eCheck deposits from US players.

Best Online Casinos That Take Instant eChecks

The only online casino right now to accept Instant eCheck deposits from US players that we really trust is the Intertops Casino. This company has been involved in the online gambling industry for over 10 years so there is no way they would ever risk their reputation in order to make a quick buck. The online casino games at the Intertops Casino is powered by the Real Time Gaming software which means you will be able to play all the popular casino games such as slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, War and much more.

Best Online Poker Sites That Take Instant eCheck Deposits

Since PokerStars, FullTiltPoker, AbsolutePoker and UB is no longer an option for American poker players there aren’t a whole lot of others left to choose from. At the moment the Merge Gaming Network is the largest poker network accepting US players (as weird as that may sound) and on that network we would recommend their flagship site Carbon Poker. But we would also like to remind you that the all around gambling site for US players are also offering an online poker room for their customers. The Intertops poker room is loacated at the Cake Poker Network (our personal favorite) and they are currently able to accept eCheck deposits from US poker players.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Take Instant eCheck Deposits

Finding an online sportsbook that accepts eCheck deposits was always a but tricky but it got even harder after the US DoJ started cracking down on online gambling. Fortunately it was only the online poker rooms that were affected this time which means there are still some good online sportsbooks that take Instant eChecks.

Our personal favorite when it comes to eCheck sportsbooks is BetUS as they not only accept eCheck deposits from US players but they also offer betting odds for just about any sporting event out there. Another great thing about BetUS is that they currently offer a great signup bonus to new customers using Instant eChecks as their deposit method.

Another great option is the Intertops Sportsbook, I know we keep mentioning these guys but they are just that good when it comes to processing eCheck deposits from US gamblers.

Best Live Online Casinos That Take Instant eChecks

Since this site really is all about live dealer casinos usually we thought we should include a guide to the top rated live online casinos that accepts eCheck deposits from US customers.

At the moment there are only two places to go if you are looking for a live dealer casino that accepts Instant eCheck deposits from US players and those are the Live Casino and the Live Casino.

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