USA Live Dealer Casinos

usaflagU.S.A players may not have a large amount of choices when looking to play online however one of those choices is live dealer casinos. There are a number of developers that provide this type of casino for Americans to enjoy. Online casinos always seem to have new ways to make gaming easier and more lifelike. The now have the ability to defeat the last thing that normal casinos hold over them that being live play. This quickly which means that there is little reason to go to a land based casino unless you are meeting up with friends, however with the inclusion of live chat directly within the gaming software, even that is eliminated as it offers you the social aspect of gaming as well as the excitement.

As real dealer casino games are getting more popular, we can see the gaming companies entering this market one after another. However, for the US market this is still very limited and it’s not easy for US citizens to find a good live dealer online casino.

USA players who are interested in online gaming have been experiencing problems over the last few years since the UIGEA came into effect. However if you read the law carefully it only mentions that actual casinos may not be registered there. The law does not state anything about those in the US not being allowed to play with casinos operating online. There are casinos that will not allow players from the US, which is their choice, however there are many that will allow players from the USA, many of which offer live dealer casino games on top of the standard ones. These casinos include CoolCat, 5Dimes and Grand Macao Casino.

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USA Friendly 5Dimes Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat
USA Friendly Cool Cat Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold’em

Check out our latest 5Dimes live casino review covering details about the two different live platforms they have. This is now the only reliable site offering live games for USA players, together with newly added live games at Grand Macao and Cool Cat Casino (only on download platform).

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How it Works and Advantages

The live dealer options that are available for players in the US will work very much the same as those from other casinos. The games are easy to use and will provide you with a number of different games to ensure you get the full gaming experience from those games. Live dealer casino are available with most table games including poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. The games look very much like standard ones available online without a live dealer. The settings and betting options are almost exactly the same as you would find elsewhere and many offer the ability to customize how the game is viewed as well. All standard settings are available and all game play is carried out with many different cameras providing full viewing of the dealer and all game play.

A number of those USA live online casinos are based directly in a real land based casino whilst others are based in gaming studios. This makes no different to those who are playing from either side. Players will still be able to place their bets and the game is still played against the house, which means you don’t need to be concerned about what other players are doing in their games.

With online gaming there are already a long list of advantages that includes things like travel and convenience. The live dealer casino will provide even more of these advantages as it combines the advantages from a land based casino and those of an online casino. Land based casinos have always had the edge when it comes to fair gaming on these table games. This is due to play being live and not with the use of a random number generator. Many who may have been leery in the past no longer need to have that concern as all game play is monitors by multiple cameras and angles, all game play is viewable and all actions of the dealers and other players is right there for you to see.

How are players from USA allowed?

As explained earlier, the law states that no online casinos are allowed to be licensed in the US. This means if you find a casino that allows players from the US, you will be able to join and play at the casino games. While it may be deemed illegal to transfer funds to a gaming site from a financial institution, it is not illegal to use other methods such as prepaid cards. This is how most get around the law (UIGEA) and are permitted to play online.

Casino like CoolCat, Grand Macao and 5Dines allow players from the US and also offer a number of table games that have live dealers. The casinos will give bonuses, promotions and games that are found with other casinos as well. This will ensure that these casinos entertaining, worth joining and ones that will provide you the value and entertainment you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The landscape has changed to a large degree in the USA. States like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have each adopted their own laws within their respective states to permit and legalize online gaming. This is good news for Americans as more states will follow in the coming years ahead and many are already in the process of doing just that.

The fact that the games are well designed and will provide you with a fantastic experience is the icing on top. The game play you experience online is far superior to that one gets playing live. The payouts do not change with live dealer casinos but those who venture off into the other type of games will find the payout ratios far superior and overall, more satisfying.