Australian Broadcasters in Some Heat over Gambling

There are many laws that different countries pass and in Australia, they have one which you can read about in the Gamblers Act of 2001. This says that a television station cannot go and promote and interactive gambling site. Well, one Australian broadcaster is in some serious heat with this. If you are a license holder, you cannot promote these sites and what those in charge of the media have found is that there are plenty of networks both the nine networks and ten networks that have been allowing this all of which hold licenses.

While this is the first investigation of these two big broadcasters, there are many who say they should know better. They have to be careful as this can cause them to be shut down if they are given enough warnings which they don’t abide by. There are many games that this bans advertisements of. Any game you play on your cell phone or you computer which is a game of chance or a game where chance and skill are used are prohibited from being advertised. So, online blackjack and other games like that are prohibited of being supported on such networks.

There are many people who fear that if they get investigated again, this company will be in some serious trouble. Again, as we noted before, these are some of Australia’s most frequently watched and listened to networks.

Stay tuned as we lead to what the investigation finds as well as what their consequences might be for advertising things that they knew they weren’t to advertise.

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