Online Slot Machine FAQ’s

Online slot machines can be a lot of fun and can produce great wins. Players may have a lot of questions about how it all works and they will want to get answers to those questions so they can hit the online slot machines full of knowledge. Here are some of the frequently asked questions a lot of players have about the online slots and the answers to those questions:

How do I go about finding a good place to play online slot machines?

There are many resources you can use to help you locate the best online casino for you to play slots at. There are reviews, articles, and information provided on the online casinos you are considering. You will want to look for an online casino that runs on good software, has a lot of slots for you to choose from, solid software, exciting bonuses, and good customer support. The best online casino for you to play on will be one that gives you everything you want, or at least most of it.

What types of online slot machines will I find at the online casinos?

The selection of online slot machines will depend on where you have chosen to ply. However, a lot of online casinos will offer both classic and video slots; they generally offer many denominations and a lot of online slots will also offer those much sought after progressive jackpots.

What are the age requirements for playing the online slots?

Each online casino will have its own age requirements. Some may ask for a player to be 18, while others may set their requirements to 21. Some online casinos allow players of all ages to play the slots as long as they are playing the free slots games.

How much money can be won on the online slot machines?

Players will also be offered a lot of variety when it comes to the amount of the money they can win. There will be many factors that come into pay. However, players will be glad to know that some of the jackpots can be worth more than a million dollars, so there is the chance to win huge jackpots online.

Are the online slot machines secure?

As long as an online slots player makes it a point to find a trusted and secure online casino to play on, the online slot machines can be expected to be very secure.

Online Slots With Live Bonus Game

A brand new feature when it comes to online slots is the slots games with a live bonus game than was recently introduced by the live gaming provider Evolution Gaming.You can read more about this variation of online slots in our recent post here.

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Governor of Poker Free Download

For those of you out there who are not only in to live dealer casino games like blackjack for real money or live roulette we can recommend the PC game Governor of Poker which is currently available as a free download from the website. The Governor of Poker game is free to try for a limited time and then you have the option to buy it for a discounted price of $6.99 if you would like to continue playing using all the features of the game.

What is the Governor of Poker Game About?

The Governor of Poker is a PC game that is targeting the same kind of market as the Zynga Poker room that is available over at Facebook. This game is meant for free money poker players as an alternative to the play money poker games available at the various online poker rooms. The game is like a mix of online poker, SimCity and The Sims as you can use the money that you win at the poker tables to build property and you create your own character as a poker player.

Where Can I Download the Governor of Poker for Free?

The free Governor of Poker game is available for download at the website of the software developer at but it can also be found as a free download at numerous different online games sites. Personally I always recommend downloading the free software directly from the developers website as that minimizes the risk of getting ripped off.

All in all the Governor of Poker free download game is a great game that is highly addictive but if you are looking for play this over a linger period of time then we really recommend buying the full software license so that you can take part of all the features the game has to offer.

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Fast Paced Live Online Blackjack Tables

One of the biggest issues when playing live online blackjack is the time it takes for a new hand to start after the previous is over. At the PlayTech powered live dealer casinos the wait in between hands is 30 seconds which can feel like too much and you are likely to get bored quickly as most of us are action junkies. At the SmartLive Casino the wait in between hands is also 30 seconds but here it’s understandable as they are also broadcasting their games on TV which might require some extra time for the players to make their bets.

The leading software provider when it comes to live dealer gaming right now is Evolution Gaming and they are once again showing that they are the leader when it comes to knowing what the players want as they recently launched their live blackjack tables with only 8 seconds between hands. Now if you are used to the regular 30 seconds to place your bets you will probably think the new 8 seconds is too fast for you. But you have to keep in mind that all Evolution Gaming casino have the repeat button which is all you need to click in order to place your bets. They don’t require you to press a confirm button before the games start like at the PlayTech casinos.

After just a couple of sessions I am sure you will love the new blackjack tables with only 8 seconds delay between hands, I sure do. This change will probably make it easier for people who usually play the fast paced online blackjack games with a RNG to head over to the live online blackjack tables instead and enjoy the good looking dealers and the completely fair gaming.

If you haven’t tried out any of the Evolution Gaming casinos yet we can recommend the Ladbrokes Live Casino which is my favorite live online casino.

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Playtech to Supply Italian Market with Online Casino Platform

Playtech, well-known online casino software developer and licensor for Internet, mobile, television, and land-based gaming products, has announced a deal made with Buongiorno, Italian operator, with its online casino software platform.

Buongiorno is a global mobile entertainment company that provides a variety of entertainment and mobile content to 300 million + customers in 57 countries worldwide. They already supply Internet poker and bingo to Italian players via the Winga brand, and now will be introducing Internet casino by Playtech, which will be launched in Italy following the expected early 2011 regulation of online casino gaming in the country. Together with Playtech and a wide range of innovative products and services like mobile gaming will put Winga in a class above competitors by delivering new and unique concepts to the Italian market.

Andrea Casalini, Buongiorno’s Chief Executive, said, “Buongiorno’s eGaming offering, Winga ( is set to develop across two directions in the coming few months, once regulations allow. Firstly, via the expansion on our existing gaming offering, to include lotteries, casino games and more; this is where our casino agreement with Playtech will play a key part, enabling this exciting expansion to happen. Secondly, the provision of the Winga offering on the mobile channel, leveraging Buongiorno’s 10 years of experience in this sector.”

CEO of Playtech, Mor Weizer, commented, “This agreement is a significant step forward for Playtech in Italy. We are very excited to partner with Buongiorno and to be able to offer its Italian players market leading casino content. Given Buongiorno’s historic mobile expertise, it is also an excellent opportunity to implement some unique technologies for the Italian market, as Playtech’s cross-platform capability fits very well with Buongiorno’s business model. We look forward to developing this relationship in the coming months.”

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Lucky Live Casino gives its site a complete makeover

Many people say, “It’s all in the presentation.” However, you need to have something of substance to back it up and that’s exactly what you get at Lucky Live Casino. The online gaming site was one of the first ones to offer online casino with real dealers, which have suddenly become all the rage in the industry. The Lucky Live site has always also been appealing and quite attractive to players, but it’s about to go through a complete makeover to make it an even more interactive, enjoyable, and fun experience for all of its visitors.

Lucky Live Casino is considered to be one of the online gaming world’s trendsetters and innovators and that’s partly due to its state-of-the-art design, which it featured from the very first day it launched on the internet. As they say, “imitation is the best form of flattery,” and the Lucky Live Casino must have been very flattered when numerous other online casinos started to duplicate their design and model. In fact, many of them used an almost identical version of the site and only changed the name on it, replacing Lucky Live Casino with their own.

However, since Lucky Live are trailblazers, they get itchy feet pretty quickly and the online casino thought it was time to leave the competition standing still and give their online presence a facelift. The site’s new look and feel is designed to make things even more pleasant and easy for players as they navigate through it to enjoy their favourite online casino games. The new-look site is also aimed at giving the user a more realistic and authentic casino feel to it. You won’t get any cigar smoke blowing in your face and free drinks, but you’ll get to hear the familiar casino sounds and interact with a live dealer.

Lucky Live Casino is committed to create an excellent online gaming experience for players of all levels and their new design is bound to separate them from the rest of the pack. The website was one of the first to feature live dealers online and has continued to be among the most popular of internet gaming sites.

Along with its entertaining variety of live dealer games, Lucky Live also offers dozens of RNG games. Players are welcome to play free and real money casino as practice accounts are made available for those who’d like to give the games a try before wagering their money on them.

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Australian Broadcasters in Some Heat over Gambling

There are many laws that different countries pass and in Australia, they have one which you can read about in the Gamblers Act of 2001. This says that a television station cannot go and promote and interactive gambling site. Well, one Australian broadcaster is in some serious heat with this. If you are a license holder, you cannot promote these sites and what those in charge of the media have found is that there are plenty of networks both the nine networks and ten networks that have been allowing this all of which hold licenses.

While this is the first investigation of these two big broadcasters, there are many who say they should know better. They have to be careful as this can cause them to be shut down if they are given enough warnings which they don’t abide by. There are many games that this bans advertisements of. Any game you play on your cell phone or you computer which is a game of chance or a game where chance and skill are used are prohibited from being advertised. So, online blackjack and other games like that are prohibited of being supported on such networks.

There are many people who fear that if they get investigated again, this company will be in some serious trouble. Again, as we noted before, these are some of Australia’s most frequently watched and listened to networks.

Stay tuned as we lead to what the investigation finds as well as what their consequences might be for advertising things that they knew they weren’t to advertise.

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Blackjack expert Jeffrey Ma compares counting cards to business

There are all types of success stories around the world when it comes to life and business. Different people use different approaches and strategies when it comes to business, but for Jeffrey Ma, he relates success in the business world to the lessons and strategies he learned by playing and being successful at the game of blackjack.

Ma is famous for being the leader and card counter with an MIT team that won millions of dollars by using strategies devised by Ma for playing blackjack. The group was so successful that it was the inspiration for Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich as well as for the Robert Luketic film called 21, which starred Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey back in 2008.

Ma spoke at Iowa State University on Nov. 3rd and had a lot to say about the similarities between playing cards and the business world. He said one of the important things he learned from card playing is that decision making is crucial, no matter what the decision is, it’s important to take a stand on something.

He added that there isn’t any such animal as a losing or winning streak when it comes to blackjack and business. He said it’s all about to making decisions and how much you put into the process that makes somebody successful or not. Ma said looking into the past is a good thing as it’s actually the best way to predict the future. But he warns that can’t be the only thing you base it on.

According to Ma, people shouldn’t place all of their eggs in one basket and come to decisions that aren’t objective just because the decision was their idea. He thinks that there should be a collaborative effort in both card counting and business.

Some people may have been surprised when Ma said the main thing in both worlds is to associate with people you can trust. He said it doesn’t matter how good they are at counting cards or successful they are in business if they can’t be trusted.

Ma emphasized that above everything all else, players and those involved in the world of business shouldn’t quit no matter how easy it may be. He said it takes a special person to recover from bad decisions in life and that’s what makes most people stronger.

He finally added, if you’re playing a game of blackjack you should always stand if you have 20.

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Live action launched at Fairway Casino

Visionary iGaming’s live casino games have been added to Fairway Casino’s line up of gaming options. This is good news for online gamblers as Visionary iGaming is well known across the world as one of the industry’s leading providers when it comes to licensed online live casino action.

Fairway Casino will be offering numerous popular games such as real-time roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Other online casinos, including Castle Casino and Celtic are using the virtual turnkey products already.

Play at Fairway Casino now!

Gian Perroni, who is Visionary iGaming’s senior vice president of marketing, stated that, “Fairway Casino is a golf-themed online casino with a clear and friendly feel and look. Both online punters who love live casino action and serious golfers have many demographic and psychographic similarities. Both groups prefer to spend their leisure time seriously and they seek high-quality.”

The casino presented its line up of real-time online casino games during the Budapest Affiliate Conference in October. The Visionary iGaming company commented that online gaming players at Fairway have already embraced the new games and other classic casino games and are enjoying them on a regular basis.

The new games were also very well received at the affiliate conference, as established affiliates realized the value of the live online casino games to everybody involved. Martin Reiner of Visionary iGaming said the company is quite proud of the brand and is banking on a wonderful response from online players.

Fairway Casino offers several attractive promotions to players, such as its free 50 per cent bonus on initial deposits up to a maximum of €100. It also offers bonuses on all deposits after that. It’s also giving away branded golf balls to every new member and is giving away a Callaway driver as a prize every day in the month of November. Fairway Casino plans on giving away golf magazine subscriptions, golf club sets and all-inclusive trips to such popular golfing destinations like St. Andrews in Scotland in the future. is located in Costa Rica and offers regulated online games 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. The popular site uses the latest in online gaming technology, with games like blackjack and live roulette, to bring the excitement of true casino action online.

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International Casino Games Launching its Fifth Installment Promotion

International Casino Games is known of providing players with the best online promotions. Right now, the international casino games is starting its fifth installment promotion for this year. The Fortune Lounge Group is already set the said promotion wherein the prizes these days are getting bigger and better than over past four years.

This promotion is entitled you to join from various hosting event such as the following: The exclusive invite- only events, live tournaments, Highest-wagering contests and Lucky Draws. Actually, the prizes vary in different form and these can be of the following: The grand prizewinners may have the chance to participate Caribbean Cruise this coming 2011 in fact the facilitator of these promotion will pick 50 winners starting from October 1 to February 8, 2011.

Moreover, they have on board prizes such as the first prize will get € 50, 000 and 3 runner-ups will get € 25,000. In addition to, they will give almost 200,000 casino credits during weekly contest. In fact, the previous players who have experienced this event last year will have definitely enjoyed more these days because of the extravagant prizes they have right now.

To avail this promotion is very easy. All you need to do is to register a real money account at any Fortune Lounge Group online casinos. Apart from that, you must also update with your software casino in order to know more details about the said event or on how to join weekly competitions.

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Royal Vegas Online Casino VIP Special Treat

The VIP Royal Vegas Online Casino are having great treat with their VIP clients right now. In fact, they have these two special trips for the month of October. Moreover, the VIP Royal Vegas Online Casino will choose lucky VIP’s from their site and from Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos and awarded with this special trips once in a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, this great news will somehow encourage their VIP clients to bet more specially on their top most games. In addition to, these special trips are held in British Columbia and lavish ride of Orient Express in Venice. Other than that, the VIP and a partner have the chance to witness the most amazing Okanagan Wine Festival of British Columbia where in celebration is usually on sixth of October.

Actually, these special trips covered the three night’s accommodation at 5- star hotel and prestigious resort. It includes the transportation between the airport from Kelowna International Airport Canada to as well as the Orient Express travel in Venice.

The VIP clients have the privilege to taste wine at a supreme wine estate and got the opportunity to harvest lunch and grape stomping. In addition to, they are entitled to join the harvest celebration dinner with preparation by a first class chef. After this trip, they are going to most places of Europe and free return flights for the VIP clients and their partner, which includes the travel from Venice to Santa Lucia station. Actually, among the five night excursions, the two nights are for Prague.

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