adds Live Casino action

The biggest and most exciting innovation to hit online casinos lately has been the introduction of live casino games on many of them, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat via live stream., one of the most popular gaming sites, has now finally introduced their live dealer games and this will truly become one of our top recommended casino sites, especially for US casino players. also offers wagering on all of the most sports including horse racing, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and boxing. They have one of the best casino deposit options, especially for US players, and the whole process of signing up and wager can not be easier.

The casino features some of the most exciting slots and unique online games that can be found anywhere over the internet. You can play virtual and 3-D games, as well as progressive slots and some favourite entertainment shows such as Wheel of Fortune. There are dozens of slots and table games available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with thousands of dollars being one by visitors every day. also features competitive tournaments as well as numerous popular promotions. offers players a wide range of games, such as online poker, Mr. Vegas, Once Upon a time, Multi-hand Jacks or Better, 3D Virtual Derby, Multiplayer Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Mini Blackjack and Blackjack 52. Some of the most popular poker casino games are Three Card Poker, TV Poker, Casino Hold´em, Showdown Poker, and Video Poker Side Bet. The progressive and bonus slots include Aztec Treasures, Heaven Cent, and Aces High.

The casino, which located on the island of Curacao and is fully licensed by Netherlands Antilles government, also accepts American players. The casino provides mobile casino games and mobile sports odds on platforms such as PDA, Blackberries, and cellular phones.

This allows members the freedom to play their favourite online casino games and wager on their favourite sports from just about anywhere at any time. You don’t have to be stuck in front of a computer screen if you have a mobile wireless device. In fact, the site’s mobile platform is compatible with more than 1,500 types of mobile devices that are powered by 600 different carriers around the world.

You can play the online games just for fun as well as for real money on There are always some types of promotions available and all of the software is available for free downloading.

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Exclusive: Get 5 EUR Free at Fairway Live Casino

Fairway Casino has recently added Visionary iGaming’s live dealer games and to get you to know their new dealers, can give you an exclusive 5 EUR free to try the games.

This free live casino bonus will be given to the first 20 players that register an account through the link below, and send us an email including the username of the account.

1. Register your account here! (This will open in a new window)
2. Send us your details at info @

There is no need to deposit money to get the free bonus, however you need to register a real money account which is a 2 step process which takes only 2 minutes.

There is a 20x play-through requirements of the 5 EUR before you can make any withdrawals, however these are the only conditions and it’s no need to make a deposit. However, if you decide to play further, Fairway Casino will give you a nice 50% bonus on your first deposit which gives even more free casino games.

At Fairway Casino they offer all your favorite live games such as live blackjack, roulette, baccarat and also other standard casino games, all in a cool golf environment.

Play at Fairway Casino now!

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Fitzgerald Casino is suing website with their name in URL

Trying to pick a name for the website that you host is often times hard to do. However, you have to make sure that you don’t copy the name of a company that already exists. This is what happened to a website who supposedly named their website after a casino which is owned by Fitzgerald casinos.

Fitzgerald has a number of casinos which one is in Nevada. Another is located in Mississippi. They also have casinos in Colorado and Las Vegas. The casino they say the website stole the name from is their casino located in Las Vegas.

Last Wednesday, it was noted that the Majestic Star Casino LLC had filed suit against the three people who created this website. They have been doing business in Panama. The federal court will be the ones to say if they indeed stole the name of the Majestic Star Casino. The Website is a .net website. The casino holds the .com website. Stay tuned to see how this court hearing goes because it could get interesting. Was it just a fluke or did they indeed steal the name? This is what many people wonder and before long we will find out about how the federal court rules for this.

This is why if you are going to start a website, it’s essential you do your homework. If a company feels that you have stolen from them, they can take you to court as they file a lawsuit against you just as this casino in Las Vegas did.

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Man shot in Russian roulette for refusing to take his turn

It’s sort of difficult to figure out who the winner is and who the losers are in a session of Russian roulette. It all really depends on the participant’s state of mind I guess. If you’re trying to commit suicide you’re hoping to find the bullet, if you’re just playing for a cheap thrill, then you are praying you don’t hear a bang when it’s your turn to pull the trigger.

For those who aren’t sure what Russian Roulette is, basically you load one bullet into the chamber of a gun, usually one that holds six bullets, and then spin the chamber, point the gun to your head and pull the trigger. If the gun doesn’t go off you pass the weapon to the next person who does the same thing. Needless to say, the game’s over when the bullet is found.

Because it’s hard to know who the winner is, it’s pretty hard to cheat at the game, unless you happen to pass on your shot that is. That’s exactly what happened in Delaware, USA recently when a group of men got together for some drinking and a game of Russian roulette. One of the participants apparently came to his senses and refused to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger.

However, the other players weren’t amused so one of them took the gun and pulled it for him. Needless to say, the gun went off and the man was killed. Police from the city of Wilmington showed up on the scene and charged two illegal immigrants with murder. The man killed was a 30-year-old native of Mexico, named Juan Tomas Chaves Robles.

The police department said that a 31-year-old man named Antonio Vieyra now faces charges of second-degree murder, while a 28-year-old by the name of Cecilio Mendez-Ballesteros is facing charges of first-degree murder. The two gunmen are also up against charges of possession of a deadly weapon during a felony. It’s believed that Vieyra took the gun to the house.

Police said the men were all drinking together at the residence of Mendez-Ballesteros on Saturday Oct. 23rd and Robles, the victim had been there since Friday. Police said they found him dead on the Saturday afternoon with a bullet in his head at just before 5 p.m. Mendez-Ballesteros and Vieyra were arrested by Wilmington police shortly after. The dead man, Robles is also believed to be an illegal alien.

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Melbourne Crown Casino hit by Employee Strike

Melbourne Crown Casino is experiencing rough time these days in which this incident is connected with the successive Australian casino wars right now. Actually, the Melbourne’s Crown Casino staffs and employees are threatening the management that they are going to walk out from their job especially during the event of hot Spring racing carnival if their complains are not yet iron out quickly.

The union members voted in favor of taking protected strike action through ballot. In fact, the Australian Electoral Commission already confirms the ballot counts last Tuesday. Actually, the strike action is expected before the coming of Melbourne Cup on November 2, according by Jess Walsh, a Victorian secretary of the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LHMU).

The disputes are all about the staff and employee’s wage increase approximately 3.5% annually. Furthermore, this may give huge effect on table dealers and management. Somehow, almost $5,000 cash will be release yearly. In addition to, the union members demand for 13.5 percent salary increase over 3 years, which includes the protection for dealer’s career structure.

According to Walsh, the management offers only around 11 percent and other members wanted it at least 12.5 percent to save their face when they get back to work. Nevertheless, both parties are schedule for proper talk later this week. On the other hand, the Crown Casino spokesperson Gary O’Neill confirms that their establishment will continue to perform activities and is not moved by the threats of these strike action. In fact, he assures that only 19 percent from Union members voted in the ballot.

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Online Casinos in Germany, are they safe?

A German online casino club is refusing to pay a local winner of the said site. Actually, this allegedly online casino player won the progressive jackpot prize of blackjack games with the amount of € 167,500 supposedly. However, the German Online Casino denied that the said winner is legitimate to claim the prize.

According to the German online casino management, they found out that the local winner is having connivance with the other player working on the said site, which in result to cheat the online casino but this fact is not yet proven. However, the local winner is confused because he is not expecting that this will happen on the said site.

He denies the charges and run to Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), which is license sector that handles the regulation law of casino clubs. However, the local winner is not successful claiming his prize because according to the Maltese LGA, they cannot reinforce the casino debts on any matter and especially if offshore places. Aside from that to worsen the scenario, the progressive jackpot money that is impounded from the winner’s account is missing. It should be place back to the progressive jackpot pool but the money is gone.

The German online casino is run by Boss Media Software and responsible for releasing the jackpot money. Unfortunately, the missing jackpot money is not yet clearly stated its location. On the other hand, according to German lawyer, the only hold of this local winner is to file a case against the German online casino where in asking them for proofs of what they allegedly claim.

When it comes to safe live online casinos for all European players, including Germans, we recommend SmartLive Casino or DublinBet Casino where you’ll find the best game in the most regulated environments.

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There are many great entertainment services than internet offers to its users from all around the world for free of charge. Online Casinos are one of the most widely chosen entertainment options by many people and while entertaining yourself with great games you can also get a chance to win large sums of money while sitting at your home.

Throughout the world there are so many casinos and most of them have online versions. The 888Casino is one of the most highly visited online casino and bingo sites by people from almost every country in the world. This casino offers live casino and bingo and this is one of the reason for which people choose this online casino. Along with this of course there are great promotions that attract so many customers. The 888Casino offers their new customers a chance to win up to $1400 bonus on their first deposit on the first day of registration. With this promotion you can easily get 100% bonus.

Also if you prefer a more real casino environment on online casino you can choose the 3D casino and you will be awarded with $100. Along with these great promotions there also calendar event which enables the customers of 888Casino to double their deposit on every Sunday.

However it doesn’t end here if you are after a bigger promotion all you have to do is to go for Race to a share of $15000.

Overall 888Casino is one of the online casinos that provide high quality service and large sums of promotions that anyone who is registered can win.

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William Hill Casino Promotions

Casino games have been an area of interest for many people from all around the world. For many years people have shown great interest in land casino games and with the invention of the internet there have been an increased number of people who have started to use online casino web sites to entertain themselves.

Online casino sites have been introduced very frequently however those online casino sites that also have land casinos are the most widely preferred ones. The William Hill casino is one of the mostly visited online casinos by many people from so many different countries. People who enjoy online casino games should definitely visit William Hill casino games as they offer so many great promotions helpful resources.

The most interest arousing promotion that William Hill casino games offer is that for those who make their first deposit they get awarded with 150 pounds bonus and this amount increases up to $300 for high rollers and all they have to do is to do their first deposit. The amount to be deposited in order to get 150 pounds bonus is a minimum of 30 pounds and for the high rollers the minimum amount to be deposited is 1000 pounds. Along with these great promotions there are also 1500 pounds of monthly loyalty bonus and if you refer a friend you will simply get awarded with 50 pounds.

The William Hill Casino is a great option for those who are interested in entertainment and large sums of bonuses.

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Bogart Casino Bonus Program

The Bogart Casino online casino games website is one of the most popular of its kind precisely due to their variety in promotions and bonuses made available to the members. Once you’ve signed up to join Bogart Casino as a member, you’ll have the benefit of a very generous 1st deposit-matching bonus of 100% (if you deposit from between $50 and $500). This generous bonus means that you can start playing at Bogart Casino with a $1,000 bankroll after only putting up half of the amount!

If you reload your bankroll with Bogart Casino, you’ll also get bonuses on every first deposit of the day. A 10% match bonus awaits those who deposit between $50 and $99, while 15% gets awarded deposits between $100 and $299, then 20% for $300 to $499, and 25% for $500 to $1500.

Blackjack and Video Poker also offer an 18% deposit bonus (up to $1000), Roulette and Live Roulette have the 15% deposit bonus (up to $750), and Live/Regular Baccarat and Craps give a 12% bonus (up to $500). If you require a bigger deposit amount, yet still wish to receive the maximum bonus, you can contact the Bogart Casino support center and they’ll take care of your unique situation. They have a very good support system in place which gives you an opportunity to interact and clear up your queries with them.

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