Bet24 Live Casino Pays Out €180.000 to Roulette Winner

Due to the nature of the live casino games it’s not very often that we hear about huge wins at the live blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables. Big wins on these games don’t come around as often as the progressive jackpot games like online slots and video poker games for example. But recently there was one very lucky British guy who claimed a €180.000 scalp at the Malta based Bet24 live casino.

According to a representative at Bet24 this UK player managed to make a €100.000 profit in just 13 rounds, which took about 20 minutes. After that he played an additional 29 rounds of live dealer roulette and got his total winnings all the way up to €180.000. For some reason that’s were the information about this win ends. I am very curious to know more in detail how you could possibly rake in this amount playing roulette. I know the limits are pretty high at <a href="http://www.livedealercasino benicar” target=”_self”>Evolution powered casinos such as this one but it would still require quite a bit of luck and high stakes in order to net €180.000 over a total of 42 spins.

My guess is that this person has been playing at least €500 per spin on random numbers because there is just no way you can win this amount by simply betting the even money wagers at the roulette table.

No matter how it happened I would like to congratulate the winner on this amazing feat and if you ever read this please drop a comment below and let us all know how the session played out.

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Which are the Best Live Online Casinos?

If you are frequent readers of this blog you already know that my favorite live dealer casino is the Ladbrokes Live Casino but there are still quite a few others that are really good too and they deserve to be mentioned here.

When deciding which casinos to list under the best live online casinos category I take the following things into consideration:

  • Number of years online
  • Customer support
  • Software
  • Bonuses and other promotions
  • Number of games offered

Since I have already written about the Ladbrokes Live Casino I won’t list them here as you can read my views on that casino in this post.

LuckyLive Casino

The LuckyLive Casino was one of the first live online casinos to go live on the Vuetec casino platform back in 2009. Just like the other live casinos running on the Vuetec software they are getting their games from an actual casino in Ireland called the Fitzwilliam Card Club. This gives you a 100% guarantee that the casino games are not rigged.

Another great thing about the LuckyLive Casino is that they are offering a 100% deposit bonus up to €100 for new players that is actually quite easy to clear.

At the moment the following games are available at the LuckyLive Casino:

SmartLive Casino

The SmartLive Casino has something that no other live dealer casino can offer, their own TV channel. This means that you will be able to place bets on your computer and then watch the roulette wheel on your TV. The games are obviously not limited to TV only so you will also be able to play and watch the games directly on your computer if you don’t have access to any of the channels broadcasting the SmartLive Casino games.

The only downside to the SmartLive Casino as I see it is their short opening hours when it comes to the blackjack and baccarat games but according to my sources they will be extending their opening hours pretty soon.

The following games are available at the SmartLive Casino: Live Casino

Now this list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add a US friendly live dealer casino. The Live Casino are able to accept customers and deposits from USA. This is a reliable online sportsbook that have decided to add live dealer casino games to their portfolio.  The best thing about OddsMaker is that you will not only be able to play their live dealer casino games but you will also be able to bet on sports using the same account. Now for a sports bettor like myself this is great as I won’t have to move my money between the live casino sites and my sportsbook.

The following games are available at the OddsMaker Live Casino:

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New Idea: Live Dealer Blackjack Tournaments

I had some spare time on my hands yesterday so I was just sitting around thinking of way the live dealer casino could improve other than the ideas I had already mentioned in my post about the future of live dealer gaming. One thing came to mind that I had actually managed to leave out of that post even though it’s one of my favorite casino games, blackjack tournaments.  I am very competitive by nature so I prefer playing blackjack games against other players rather than against the dealer. Not only does this eliminate the house edge as I am no longer competing against the dealer but I also fulfill that need inside of me to compete with other people.

Even though the regular real money blackjack tournaments are perfectly fine as RNG games since you are not playing against the house it would still be really cool to see it added as a live dealer blackjack game at some of the live online casino sites. Just imagine having the ability to play online blackjack tournaments with live dealers where you could have the ability to chat with other players using your webcam and microphone, now that would be really cool.

Unfortunately I don’t think we will see this added any time soon and the main reason for this is that a blackjack tournament is not financially viable for the live dealer casinos out there as it’s taking quite some time to complete a tournament and the fees they would be raking in will probably not cover their expenses for hosting a tournament. It would probably be a great addition to any live casino though and it would surely get players to change over from their current live casino site to a site offering live dealer blackjack tournaments.

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The Future of Live Casino Gaming

The live casino gaming industry has been growing at an amazing pace the last few years but when it comes to expanding the number of games offered it’s still moving pretty slow. I personally love live dealer gaming and this is the main reason I created, so that I could share these casino games with other people and let them know that they don’t have to play the regular RNG blackjack and roulette tables anymore.

But the thing I like the least about the live dealer casino industry is that even though they have been very innovative when creating the live dealer games that we currently have they don’t seem to be working very har don getting new games out there on the market. Now I understand that launching a new live dealer casino game is not the same as launching a new slot game in a regular online casino as there is a lot more work behind the scenes when creating a live casino game. But I’m still pretty sure that if one of the bigger live casino providers like Playtech or Evolution Gaming really wanted to launch for example live dealer craps tables they would be able to do so within a couple of months.

I have been doing some thinking lately over which games could be transfered over to the live dealer gaming market if the software providers really put their mind to it. I came up with the list of games below, the ones I want to see the most are at top.

  • Live Dealer Craps
  • Live Dealer Pai Gow Poker
  • Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Live Dealer Texas Hold’em Poker (Actually available at but would like to see more casinos add this)
  • Live Dealer Casino War
  • Live Dealer Let It Ride
  • Live Dealer Money Wheel (This should be very simple to implement)
  • Live Dealer Bingo (Somethiong close is available at
  • Live Dealer Keno

Did I forget any games? If there are any other games that you would like to see added to this list simply drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure to update the list to include the game.

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When Are Live Dealer Casino Games Coming on the iPad?

As a proud iPad owner myself I have been thinking a lot about how cool it would be if a live dealer casino were to launch a version of their live dealer games that would work on the iPad. But before we will see that happening there are a couple of things they will need to overcome.

First of all Apple aren’t too keen on allowing real money gambling products in their App store. At the moment the only real money iPad gambling app in the store is the Bwin poker app that enables you to play poker for real money on the iPad. And this app is only available in Austria and the UK which means only players residing in those two countries are able to play iPad poker for real money at the moment.

Then there are casino sites like Slotland that are able to accept real money casino players using an iPad due to the fact that their website and casino games are iPad compatible. But they aren’t even close to offering live dealer casino games at the moment so that doesn’t really help us if we are looking for live dealer gaming on the iPad.

The other problem is that the iPad does not support flash and since all the instant play versions of the live dealer casino sites are flash based they will never work on the iPad. One solution could be using a software like LogMeIn for iPad which enables you to remotely access your computer from the iPad. But the problem here is that this program is not only expensive ($30 in the App store) but it is also way too slow to make your live dealer experience a pleasant one. I have tried it out myself and even though it’s really cool that you can access your desktop from the iPad it’s just not a viable option for playing live online casino games on the iPad.

Since Apple are completely against online gambling for as long as the US market is unregulated we probably won’t see any iPad friendly live dealer casino games any time soon, unless they somehow decide to implement a flash reader in an upcoming version of the iPad.

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My Favorite Live Online Casino

All casino players have their personal favorites amongst the casinos they have played at. It might be because they hit that jackpot once that paid for a week in Hawaii, it could be the hot dealers at the live blackjack tables or it’s the feel of the software that keeps you coming back to the same casino every time you play.

In my case I keep coming back to my favorite live dealer casino because of the following three reasons:

  • They are using the Evolution Gaming platform which is the best one out there, in my opinion that is.
  • They are also offering sports betting which means I won’t have to move money between sites to bet on sports.
  • They have great customer support.

So which live dealer casino could I be talking about? It’s the Live Casino obviously. These guys have always been treating me really well and one experience that I had lately made me realise even more that this is by far my favorite live casino on the internet.

Let me tell you what happened. I was sitting at the blackjack table betting on multiple boxes (three to be exact) and my bets varied between €100 and €200 per box for about 2 hours of play. Then all of a sudden there is a glitch in the software and instead of accepting my three boxes with €100 on each I end up sitting on one seat and the bet is €1000. This all happens very fast and I tell the dealer in the chat that there has been some kind of glitch and that I need a pit boss. The pit boss gives me the usual runaround, telling me that I will be contacted by Ladbrokes support once they have investigated the issue. In the meantime I lose the hand and €1000 is deducted from my balance.

I have been gambling online for the last 10 years so this is not the first time something goes wrong due to an obvious software glitch but I also know that most gaming companies would never admit to something like this and I didn’t have much hope of ever seeing that money again.

Within 48 hours I get a phone call from a customer support agent at Ladbrokes telling me they haven’t found any software glitch and I must have bet €1000 without knowing it (go figure).  I then tell her to look at my betting pattern for that day, I was playing three boxes all day long and never bet over €200 and now all of a sudden I should have bet €1000 on one box. It just didn’t make any sense for me to do that. She agreed with me and said that she was ready to compensate me with a €400 good will bonus even though this was my own fault in their opinion. I then told her that I’m not interested in a €400 compensation when I lost €1000 due to an obvious glitch. The customer support rep then told me she would fight for my cause and hopefully get me the full €1000 refund.

And sure enough, within 24 hours I get this email:


In regards to our previous discussion earlier today.

I have spoken to my management team and they have agreed to credit your
Gaming account with the full amount of EUR1000 as a gesture of goodwill.

This is on the understanding that should this happen again, we will not
be in any position to refund a stake that has been incorrectly selected.

When playing online it is your responsibility for making sure the bets
you have selected are correct.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we
investigated this issue for you.

We hope that you continue to play on Ladbrokes Live Dealer.

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us again and we
will be more than happy to help you.

Kind regards,

Customer Services
Ladbrokes online Gaming

This is the kind of customer support that keeps players coming back to an online casino as trust is one of the major factors when choosing an online casino. I completely trust Ladbrokes with my money after that incident and I know that they got my back if something should go wrong at the virtual felt.

If you are looking to sign up with a safe and trusted live dealer casino then Ladbrokes should be right on the top of your list.

Below is a video of the live dealer blackjack tables at Ladbrokes Live Casino (not the session that went wrong)

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Are Live Dealer Casino Games Rigged?

A lot of people seems to be thinking that live dealer casino games are somehow rigged so I thought I would make this post and clear out some common misconceptions.

First of all it is important to know that all live dealer casinos have the house edge working to their advantage no matter what game you are playing. This means that they don’t have to rig any games, they will end up with a profit in the long run anyway. It would make no sense at all for a licensed live online casino to start rigging their games in order to win your money at a faster pace because chances are big that you will be losing the money to them anyway.

There are always rumours about fixed slot machines or other types of casino games but let’s take a closer look at the situation for online live dealer games.

Live Dealer Casinos Are Not Rigged

I can give you my personal guarantee that none of the live dealer casinos listed on this site are using unfair methods to win your money. All of these casinos are licensed and regulated in the UK which should make you feel a lot safer than when you are playing at a Random Number Generator casino that is not regulated or licensed anywhere.

Another thing that should make you feel certain that the live dealer casinos are not rigged is the fact that all of the dealers are shuffling the cards right infront of you at the end of each shoe. If they were doing something fishy with the cards you would be able to spot this instantly. This is true for both live dealer blackjack and live online baccarat.

There Are No Magnets Under the Roulette Tables

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people in the chatting at various live online casinos claiming that there are magnets under the roulette tables which enables the casino to control the outcome of each spin. Now if you think this is true I ask you to sit back and give this some real thought. The game of roulette has a house edge of over 5% which is signficantly higher than the blackjack or baccarat tables. With a house edge that big why should they need to rig the tables with magnets risking their entire business and reputation to control and outcome that is inevidable anyway? Once again it just doesn’t make sense for the live dealer casinos to rig the roulette games or any other game for that matter. They have the house edge working in their favor and that is all they need.

Could Live Dealer Casino games Possibly Be Rigged?

Well obviously if someone really wanted to rig the games at a live online casino they would be able to figure out some way to do it. They could start shuffling the decks outside of the screen at the baccarat and blackjack tables and I suppose they could rig the dice at the Sic-Bo tables and arrange the roulette table to produce constant losers.  In theory it could happen, sure. But at the risk of sounding like a broken record I have to say it again. The live dealer casinos are NOT rigged.

If you are still not sure if the live dealer casino games are rigged or not I would suggest that you stay away from them but it would be a shame to miss out on something that is so much fun.

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Take the time to enter LuckyLiveCasino’s Rolex watch promotion

There’s a new promotion on tap over at where you can win a new DateJust II Rolex wristwatch. The exciting contest gets underway on Jan. 25th at midnight GMT and runs until the 30th of May at midnight GMT.

The live online casino will hold a draw and the lucky winner will receive a brand new DateJust II Rolex watch. The watch is made by one of the most popular and respected companies in the world and features state-of-the-art technology.

LuckyLiveCasino recently held a promotion where 4 iPads were given away to players and the online casino is excited about the new watch promotion as it’s just one of many ways to win by playing online.

The new promotion will see one lucky winner receive a stainless steel and gold DateJust II Rolex timepiece during the draw. The drawing for the watch will be held at 12 noon GMT on June 1st. The name of the winner will then be posted online within five business days at the Lucky Live Casino website.

The rules for the promotion are very simple. To be eligible to win the watch all you need to do is make a single deposit of over €50 anytime from Jan. 25th to midnight GMT on May 30th. You will receive one entry form for the drawing with each €50 that you deposit. The more you deposit and play at LuckyLiveCasino the better chance you have of winning the Rolex watch.

There are a few terms and conditions that need to be met for players to be eligible to win the prize. You must deposit real money at the website into your account. The deposit needs to be more than €50 and must be deposited from Jan. 25th to May 30th. Each €50 deposit will result in players receiving one entry form to the contest drawing of the Rolex watch.

You need to have a one-time play-through for each €50 deposit to receive an entry to the drawing. The winner of the contest will be posted on the casino’s website. However, if the winner resides outside of the United Kingdom, then a cash prize of €4000 will be awarded instead of the Rolex watch. There aren’t any restrictions or requirements for play-throughs for the equivalent prize amount in your account. The winner also agrees to let LuckyLiveCasino publish their name and/or likenesses on its website and to use it for promotional purposes.

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Visionary iGaming’s live dealer platform quickly growing

If you happen to play any type of live dealer games at online casinos, there’s a good chance you’re playing something that was developed by Visionary iGaming as the company is known as the top provider of live dealer 2.0 games in the world. The company has recently announced that it will be expanding its live online casino studio operations as well as its support platform due to high worldwide demand.

Celtic Casino is the top live casino using Visionary iGaming software.

Visionary iGaming recently finished erecting a custom-built, high-tech casino studio in an 1,100 square meter, three-floor building. The new building meant the company’s live studio space was increased by more than 500 per cent, which will enable it to satisfy its client’s demands and allow for future growth this year and further down the road.

Martin Reiner, who is the CEO of Visionary iGaming, said the company was fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the top designers and architects in the country. He said they spent endless hours in an effort to understand the company’s business needs and to develop the world’s most up-to-date live casino studio. Reiner added that Visionary iGaming overhauled the perspective and design of their table games to ensure they ended up with the feel and look of a modern day live casino.

The casino expansion now allows for large brands to have their own custom dedicated tables. This means that clients are able to choose all aspects of the game, such as table layout, interior design, dealer uniforms, and the language to be spoken at the table.

Martin Reiner said his company is very proud of its new expansion and is sure the business will continue to grow at a steady rate in the future and the gaming-operations investment will pay off in huge dividends. He said the company utilizes more than 80 full-time casino dealers in its 24-hour-a-day operation and can see that number doubling in size during 2011 when Visionary iGaming launches new live games, and more branded tables in new markets.

Visionary iGaming, which is located at provides high-quality live dealer games for online casinos. These include live online roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games. The software is widely regarded as some of the best in the world for online casino use.

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Live online Blackjack tournaments at 888 Casino

Sunday’s are often a day of rest for many people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself by playing live blackjack online and winning some extra money for the rest of the week. Live online casino fans will be glad to hear that 888Casino is offering a chance to win up to £500 on the site’s live blackjack game every Sunday.

You can still enjoy yourself as much as possible on Saturday nights as you don’t have to get up early to win the cash bonus. The 888Casino live blackjack promotion starts at 6pm and runs until 8pm GMT each Sunday. The promotion is quite simple as there are bonus cards added to the playing decks during the two hour promotional time period with each bonus card being worth £25. If you’re playing with euros or American dollars the cards will be worth €25 or $25. All you have to do is play live blackjack like usual and if you’re dealt a bonus card you’ll instantly win £25, euros, or dollars.

At 888Casino, you can cash in as many bonus cards as you like up to a maximum of £500, euros, or dollars. This means you can win up to 20 separate bonus cards during your games. And don’t forget, this is just free bonus money. You can also win real money by playing the online blackjack games as well.

If you’re dealt a bonus card or more than one of them, 888Casino will make sure your account is credited with the free bonus cash within 12 hours of the promotional playing period ending. Since the money is awarded as bonus cash you’ll just need to wager the bonus a total of five times or more to be eligible to withdraw it out of your 888Casino account.

888Casino provides professional, efficient dealers for its live online blackjack games and they take place in a realistic casino in real time. So if you find yourself sitting around on a Sunday evening remember to head over to 888Casino and read up on all of the terms and conditions of the £500 promotion.

888casino has become one of the most popular online gaming sites since being launched back in 1997. The 888 Group is based and licensed in Gibraltar and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. If you need any help while playing online casino games you can reach their customer support team 24 hours a day by email, telephone, and online chat. They can provide assistance in 11 different languages.

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