The Blackjack mistakes you should always avoid doing

In order to become a successful blackjack player you must definitely do your best to start taking some good decisions. Under these circumstances, winning at a game of live dealer blackjack is going to be based mostly on the strategies that you are going to use and of course a little bit on lady luck.

In this article we plan to present you some of the biggest blackjack mistakes which are being constantly made by players. By avoiding making these mistakes over and over again, your chances of seeing a positive balance at the end of the games are going to be significantly increased. So make sure that you remember the blackjack mistakes presented here so that you will not repeat them in the future.

Don’t double your bets because you have lost in the past and right now you are due to receive some winning hands.

A big percentage of blackjack players are thinking that because blackjack gives you around 50-50 chances to win, compared to the dealer, once they have gone through a period where you have lost lots of games, you are now due to win the next hand and the players will start to bet massively even doubling their bets. You must be aware that the chances of winning the next hands are not going to be influenced on what happened in the past. This means that you have the exact same chances of winning as you had when you’ve started to play the first time. This means that by betting foolishly you will only manage to lose more money.

Don’t take even money on payouts.
This is probably one of the most common mistakes which are constantly being made by blackjack players. The even money odds (means that you get to win the same amount of money as the one wagered) seem like a safe bet to make. The truth is that over the long term the even money is going to reduce your current odds of winning. It’s best that you will not fall deep into the even money trap just for you to feel secure when you don’t really know what the exact odds are.

The insurance mistake
Many people think that insurance is a very useful tool at blackjack and that it’s going to help them cover the eventual loss, but the reality is that it’s not worth the trouble. Even the most advanced card counters in the world are only 80% sure of what card is going to come next for the dealer and the odds mathematics law are showing that the moment you will take insurance the odds of winning are going to pay in the casino’s favor most of the time and not in your favor.

Betting more and more when you start winning a couple of times
Unlike other games like the game of poker, at blackjack the odds of winning are not going to be different compared to what happened in the past. It is very important that you know that if you’ve had a couple of good hands, the chances of getting another set of winning hands is not going to change. And by betting more you will not be able to improve your odds of winning again in the future.