Basic Strategy for Playing Blackjack

Whenever playing the game of blackjack, either on line or in a casino that you drive to, it’s best to find a basic strategy to follow. Basic strategy for blackjack does not promise to make you rich, but rather to minimize your financial losses. Of course, some blackjack hands are destined to lose no matter how you play the blackjack hand, but consistency is a good place to start for playing smart.

There are many places you can go to find a blackjack basic strategy system, usually it is a smaller, credit card sized pocket card, that has a chart to refer to when deciding to hit, stand, split or double down. These plastic cards can often be found in a casino gift shop or on the Internet. Usually the system is based upon mathematical odds and varies very little, from card to card.

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Allow me to give you some rather simple, easy to remember pointers on a blackjack basic strategy. Keep in mind, my advice is not based on any computer generated odds, only the strategy I have gathered throughout my years of playing blackjack, from basic strategy cards.

The object of the game is to get closer than the blackjack dealer to twenty one, without going over twenty one, and to add propositional blackjack bets along the way, whenever it is possible, to make a little extra money on more positive blackjack odds. Examples of these propositional bets are, doubling down, which means you can add a second bet, up to the amount of your original blackjack bet, but only receive one additional card, to be added to your initial two cards. An other good example would be, to “split” your cards, when you have a pair of alike cards for your initial two cards.

A good time to “double down” would be on any two cards that total eleven. There are some other times that this is a good choice, which a blackjack basic strategy card will better advise you on. A very good time to “split” your cards, is when you have a pair of 8’s or a pair of Aces. Again, there are some other opportunities to “split”, but referring to your basic strategy card is definitely suggested.

Most blackjack basic strategy cards will advise you to never take “insurance” for this is an unfavorable blackjack bet to make, statistically speaking. “Insurance” is a side bet, that is betting that the house, blackjack dealer has a “Blackjack” or a “Natural 21”. This bet is offered to you whenever the house, blackjack dealer shows an “Ace” as an upward. The blackjack basic strategy card will also advise you, most likely, to never take “even money” on your blackjack, or natural 21, when the blackjack dealer is showing an “Ace” and has the potential blackjack or natural 21, which would be a tie, or push. Personally, this is the only time I ever deviate from the blackjack basic strategy cards advice, I always accept “even money” when it is offered, which forfeits the opportunity to cash in three to two, or “time and a half” on your original blackjack wager, but also eliminates the “Doh” factor after receiving nothing at all, if and when the blackjack dealer does have a blackjack of his or her own.

Again, obtaining a blackjack basic strategy card, on line or in a casino that you drive to, is strongly advised before playing blackjack. Always keep in mind, blackjack basic strategy, is just that, basic, not very advanced and not going to make you rich, statistically speaking that is, but will at least give you a basic understanding of the blackjack game.