Blackjack Rules Explained

Blackjack is currently a very popular casino game and it is being played by millions of players in land based casinos and on the internet. In case you are still new to the game of blackjack the best way you can start your gambling adventure is by learning the rules. Fortunately the rules of blackjack are very easy to understand and only in a matter of a couple of minutes you can consider yourself fit to play the game. Even if the rules are easy to understand the game of blackjack is going to be fun and exciting at the same time.

When you are going to play the classic game of blackjack you will be competing against the dealer and you will not be playing against other players like it happens at a poker game. The goal of the game of blackjack is to obtain a hand that holds a value higher than the dealer’s and it is not bigger than 21. One of the most basic blackjack rules is that when your hand reaches more than 21 you will get bust and you will lose by being kicked out of the game. The cards from 2 to 10 will hold the exact same value as it is represented on the cards and the Queen, Jack and King will hold the value of 10, while the Ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on what will serve you as a better hand. The best hand that you can possible get at blackjack is the one that has a value of 21 (10/J/Q/K and an Ace). This way you will be automatically a winner, unless the dealer also gets a similar hand and it will be a tie game.

Now that you know what the main objective of game is and what value each card has, you can start to learn how a normal game of live dealer blackjack is going to be played.

Everything will begin the moment when the players will place their bets. The best must be placed before you get to see any of the cards you are going to be dealt in the future. Once the bets are placed, the dealer is going to give you 2 cards and he will get one faced up and one face down. Then you have to decide whether to hit (and get another card), or to stand (in case you have a number close to 21). If you ask for another card and you get a hand that has more than 21 points, you lose. Once you have managed to get a good hand (like 18, 19 or 20) the next thing you have to do is stand and wait to see the dealers’ hand. In case the dealer gets busted or has a hand that is lower than yours, you win, however if the dealer gets a hand that is closer to 21 than yours, he will win and take all the bets.

The best way you can clearly understand now how a game of blackjack is being played is to actually play a real one. You can easily do that by going to one of the thousands online casinos that are currently offering you the opportunity to try their games for free.