Single Deck Vs Multi-Deck Blackjack

While playing Blackjack, in a casino that you drive to or on line, you will most likely find each table has a different number of decks of cards that they are dealing. Blackjack tables have anywhere from single, double, four, six and eight decks of cards being shuffled and played at all times.

A lot of blackjack players have different ideas and different theories as to which is better, less decks or more decks. You may even over hear a blackjack player complain that it is much tougher to count cards at a blackjack table where there are more decks of cards being used. This is where you can definitely separate the true card counters from the blackjack players that just don’t know what card counting really is. A true card counter, wouldn’t care if there were a hundred decks being shuffled and played at a blackjack table, he or she could still count the cards on that blackjack table, just as easily.

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Some blackjack players think that blackjack tables with more decks of cards are better, because when a shoe is a good shoe, it lasts much longer, giving away more money, more winning blackjack hands, more hands for the blackjack dealer to break on. Some blackjack players feel the exact opposite, saying that a bad shoe on a blackjack table with eight decks of cards lasts a lot longer and the blackjack dealer more often just takes your money and beats you hand after hand, for shoes that last way too long.

In the end, for the real card counter, a card counter realizes that no matter how many decks of cards that are being shuffled and dealt at any blackjack table, it just doesn’t matter. The reason is that, even on a single deck, hand held game of blackjack, all fifty two cards will not be dealt, nor seen by the blackjack players, because most casinos will instruct their blackjack dealers to place the cut card at least forty percent of the way forward. This means that once sixty percent of that single deck of cards have been dealt, the blackjack dealer will then shuffle all of the cards and start all over, leaving forty percent of those cards in the single deck shoe, were never even dealt, nor ever seen and no matter how many ten valued cards have not been dealt during the first half of the blackjack shoe, you will never get to see them, or play them. Even on an eight deck blackjack shoe, the blackjack dealer maybe instructed to cut off up to, and sometimes even more than two decks of cards, meaning you only see and are dealt seventy five percent of the cards in that eight deck blackjack shoe.

A lot of blackjack players complain about a single deck or double deck blackjack game, because it seems like the blackjack dealer is always shuffling, when you have up to seven blackjack players at one table, plus the blackjack dealer gets a couple cards every hand, there really is very few cards to go around. It seems, you win one hand, lose one hand, and push on an other hand, then it is time to shuffle the cards and start all over again. How does one get a good winning streak when the blackjack dealer shuffles the cards after every third hand?

Some blackjack players will complain that while playing blackjack on an eight deck shoe, there is never really a break, never a time when the blackjack dealer is shuffling the cards and a good opportunity to take a minute, stretch out your legs, go to the rest room, etc. Those same blackjack players may also complain that the blackjack dealer takes too long to shuffle all of those eight decks, making the breaks between each shoe, too long.

In the end, the odds on a single deck, double deck, four, six or eight deck blackjack shoe seem to be rather much the same. Less cards do not make it easier, more cards do not make it harder, it all just seems to come down to whether or not you like to take a lot of short breaks in blackjack play, or fewer longer breaks in the blackjack action.