The Blackjack strategies that always work

Some people are just bound to lose money while playing Blackjack and the reason why this is happening, is because, especially the beginner players just keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. In this article we are going to present you the most common strategy which can be used constantly by any real money  Blackjack players. By knowing them all, you will know exactly what you should avoid doing.

At every game of blackjack you will be playing against a live dealer, the final purpose of the game is to beat that dealer in order to win some money, and you can do that by creating your own blackjack strategy that is going to give you the best odds of winning. The dealer is not a professional player he is just playing by using the moves made by the casino rules. This means that you should never do the mistake of copying the dealer’s strategy or moves, since this will lead you nowhere.

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The game of live dealer blackjack is considered to be a semicircular game. This means that a person is going to receive the cards first and another one last. Under these circumstances, the best way you can get an advantage is to sit in the middle. This way you will always have the maximum exposure of what cards the other players have already been dealt. And at the same time you will also be able to set up a strategy that is more likely to be a winning one since you will be having as much information as possible compared to the other players.

If you will just simply forget about the basic blackjack strategies and you will go and apply some advanced blackjack techniques you might not be a winning player. We suggest that you stick to the basics even when you are an advanced blackjack player, and never forget the basics. The basic strategies can help you in any situation and you will avoid losing your money.

In case you are not planning to count the cards at blackjack you should definitely stay away from the blackjack insurance, since the insurance is definitely going to give you the worst odds possible. However if you are a card counter and you probably get to know what’s coming next and the dealer has some high chances of winning, then you should get insurance.

At blackjack you will encounter situation when you should surrender. For example if the dealer is holding a high card like 10 or an ace, and so far you have managed to reach 15 or 16, this is definitely a situation where you should surrender. By surrendering during the moments when your chances of winning are not that great, you will definitely going to avoid losing money.

The game of blackjack is full of many strategies and it takes years to master and at the same time math should be your friend and passion in order to achieve the best results. We hope that the small strategies and tips presented in this article are going to help you enhance your blackjack performance.