Donald Trump Supports New US Gaming Bill

Perhaps one of the biggest wins for those that are in support of regulated online gambling in the United States, Donald Trump has recently come out in favor of Congressman Barney Frank’s new bill that seeks to license, tax, and regulate the creation of a national and offshore online gambling industry.

As one of the major owners/operators of some of the biggest casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Donald Trump is perhaps the best authority on knowing whether an online gambling industry would threaten the land casinos’ profitability or not, and this very question is the main source of concern for people who oppose the bill and the efforts to regulate online gambling. Trump was noted as saying that land casinos have “nothing to fear” from the internet, and that the creation of a US-regulated gambling industry online will do nothing but strengthen the industry as a whole across the board.

The practical answer was also given to opponents by Trump; whether land casinos like it or not, US casino fans will find a way to spend their money online whether the US is able to tax and regulate it or not, so why would they say no to regulation?

With The Donald’s open support of Frank’s bill, the chips are starting to pile up in the ante of online gambling hopefuls residing in the US, and it’s a safe bet to say that the bill will find some added traction now where it previously had none after Trump’s public endorsement.

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