Fitzgerald Casino is suing website with their name in URL

Trying to pick a name for the website that you host is often times hard to do. However, you have to make sure that you don’t copy the name of a company that already exists. This is what happened to a website who supposedly named their website after a casino which is owned by Fitzgerald casinos.

Fitzgerald has a number of casinos which one is in Nevada. Another is located in Mississippi. They also have casinos in Colorado and Las Vegas. The casino they say the website stole the name from is their casino located in Las Vegas.

Last Wednesday, it was noted that the Majestic Star Casino LLC had filed suit against the three people who created this website. They have been doing business in Panama. The federal court will be the ones to say if they indeed stole the name of the Majestic Star Casino. The Website is a .net website. The casino holds the .com website. Stay tuned to see how this court hearing goes because it could get interesting. Was it just a fluke or did they indeed steal the name? This is what many people wonder and before long we will find out about how the federal court rules for this.

This is why if you are going to start a website, it’s essential you do your homework. If a company feels that you have stolen from them, they can take you to court as they file a lawsuit against you just as this casino in Las Vegas did.

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