FullTilt, PokerStars, UB and AP Down, Where Can US Players Play Poker Now?

As you may have heard by now the US DoJ and the FBI have seized the domains of PokerStars.com, UB.com, FullTiltPoker.com and AbsolutePoker.com and US players are no longer able to play real money poker at any of these sites. Many players have fund stuck on these sites but it seems (for now at least) that these sites will be paying out all of the funds owed to the players.

This is a huge blow to poker players in the US as there are a lot of people who depend on online poker to make a living. These people who play online poker for a living are now without the major four poker rooms that have been providing constant streams of fish at the poker tables making it possible for the pro’s to make a living playing poker.

Where Can US Players Play Online Poker Now?

Fortunately it’s only the four largest poker sites that are affected by this so poker players living in the US are still able to play online poker at other poker sites such as Intertops.com Poker which is a fast growing US poker site. Even before this whole mess started the Intertops Poker room was very popular amongst US players as their payment processing is close to flawless for US players.

So if you are currently looking for an online poker room that is still accepting US players we strongly recommend Intertops.com.

Start Playing Live Poker to Make Up for the Lost Income Online

Some players are discussing live poker as an option to the online version to make up for the loss of income as they are no longer able to play at the major online poker rooms. Now this might be a viable option for players who were only playing one table at a time at the higher stakes tables but for multi-tabling low stakes players and sit and go players this will not be a good option as they won’t be able to play enough hands a day to make a decent living. That’s another reason why the Intertops Poker room is a very good option for US poker players at the moment.

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