Give Us Live Dealer Craps Games

I don’t know about you but since the introduction of live dealer gaming I have been waiting for one of the live online casinos to launch a live dealer craps table. I am actually really surprised that none of the current live casinos have gotten around to adding this fantastic table game but I am guessing there just isn’t enough interest for the game amongst European casino players and the US friendly live dealer casinos probably don’t have the technology in place to provide live online craps yet.

Even though we have recently seen the launch of a couple of US facing live dealer casinos such as Live Casino and Live Casino they can’t really compare to the European counter versions. Don’t get me wrong, if you have never played on one of the EU live casino sites you will probably think the live dealer games at these casinos are awesome. But in reality they still have a long way to go before they can compare to live casino sites like LuckyLive Casino and Ladbrokes Live Casino. So if I was a gambling man (which I am) I would bet we won’t see any live dealer craps tables until online gambling is completely legal and regulated in the US. And once that happens it will probably be a software provider like PlayTech or Evolution Gaming who will come up with the technology for these tables.

Craps is a Perfect Fit For Live Online Casinos

Some casino games are just not well suited to become live casino versions. Take slots for example, since this is a random number generated game from the start I don’t see how this would ever become a featured game at a live dealer casino, and the same goes for video poker. But craps on the other hand, this would be a perfect fit for a live dealer casino but there are a couple of obstacles that they need to get by first. The main one being that the shooter can’t actually be in the studio and throw the dice for obvious reasons. But maybe this could be solved by having some automated machine from which the dice are thrown from when the shooter clicks a button on his or her screen. We have already seen this done with the automated roulette tables at SmartLiveCasino so I don’t see why a similar sulotion wouldn’t work for a live dealer craps game.

As I said, we probably won’t be seing any live dealer craps tables added at any live online casinos any time soon. But I sure hope I am wrong.

One thought on “Give Us Live Dealer Craps Games

  1. I can’t understand why none of the live dealer casinos have added live dealer craps yet. It should be simple enough to get it implemented.

    I know craps is huge in the US market so once that market opens up the live casino with live craps will get the lions share of the players.

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