Good weekend deals at SmartLive Casino

People who play online casino games love a deal when they see one. The ones at Smart Live Casino have a deal for anyone who goes to play their Live Roulette on the weekends. You might want to jump on over there yourself when you hear the deal they have to offer.

When you go on their site it states that when you play the live Roulette on the weekends between the hours of six in the evening until one minute before midnight, you have a chance to get a great incentive. What incentive might that be?

It is said that if you play the Live Roulette between these hours, you will get ten dollars in your Smart Live points account that you can use as one free bid. That’s incentive enough for many people. There are a few conditions and you only get this if you are a winner. The winners are posted and then two hours after posting you can see if you got the ten dollar bet as it will be credited to your account at that time.

In order to qualify, we mentioned that there were a few stipulations. The first term and condition is that it’s only offered to the selected player. Next, you must have created what is called a Sportsbook wallet. Another term is that when you place your bet, the bet must be a minimum of odds of 1.50 or higher. The bets must then be wagered once on selected markets as well as that they can’t be used again. This can only be used as your first bet. It’s not to be used for other bets. If they want to refuse it they can. Last, this is only for one account per customer. Knowing this you have the chance and we wonder what you are waiting for.

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