Latest Promotion News of Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino today is having a monthly tournament for the whole month of October. And, giving away huge prices to avid players and beginners. Especially to online blackjacks and roulette games for all players active there.

This event is very popular among most players as it has shown. And, sometimes it is consider as one last shots to most players. This weekly competitions starts exactly 00:00 until 23:59 on the same day, thus, it gives the opportunities and privileges to participate the game. In return you will receive enormous prices for top prize down to runner ups.

Actually, the tournament Friday’s competition is very famous. It is because the players are making huge bets on the platter. On the other hand, the players can only have one single chance of winning. It could be the grand prize, runner-ups and consolation prizes. Aside from that, the wage amount will vary depends on how many players are actually playing. The wager’s amount is worth €200, €100 and €50 regardless with or without promotion operating.

On top of that, the Virgin Casino is offering a huge discount today. And, it only happens when you sign up an account through Then, you will receive 100% welcome bonus worth up to €100. Meanwhile, this worth bonus can be use to play the tournament Friday. It is just that, you only have one chance of winning the prize. Moreover, the higher your wage on the plate, the greater chances you receive enormous prize.

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