Live Dealer Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that originated from Asia many centuries ago. The traditional Sic Bo is played with bricks or tiles, however the new age real money Sic Bo that is being played in both online and offline casinos is played with 3 dice instead. Originally the 3 dice were shaken in a bowl or cup, however now days most casinos both on the web and in brick and mortar casinos use mechanical or video dice rollers.

Before the dice are rolled however, players will need to place their bets. There are a few different ways you can bet when playing live dealer Sic Bo or webcam Sic Bo as it’s also referred as, and the bets may vary by casino. It’s recommended to read the Sic-bo strategy guide before hitting the real tables. You will be betting on different things like what the total amount on the dice is going to be, whether it will be a big total or a small total etc.

Below are the different bets that you will most likely be able to place when playing live dealer Sic Bo.

Big Bet

This covers all dice totals between 4 and 10 but only pays even money.

Small Bet

This covers all dice totals between 10 and 17 and like the big bet only pays even money.

Actual Number Bet

This bet only covers one number. You can pick a specific total number which you think will come up, in example if you thought it would be 14 and a 6 and two 4’s came up you would win this bet by correctly guessing the exact total.

Any 2 Numbers Bet

This is a bet where you can pick any 2 numbers, 1-6 that you think will show their faces on the next roll. The payout for these vary.

Trip’s Bet

If you think that all 3 dice are going to come up the same number, you can choose that number and make a triple bet, if you win that bet, the payout is usually 180:1.

Any Trip’s Bet

If you think that trips are going to come up, but you are not too sure on what 3 of a kind it is going to be, you can place a bet that any set of trips will come up.

Double Bet

If you don’t think all 3 of the dice are going to be the same number, but you think that 2 of them will be, you can place a bet on the number you think is going to show up in a pair.

Where to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

There are many live dealer online casinos that now offer Sic Bo with live dealers. With the increasing popularity in live online games that make you feel as if you are in a real life land casino, there are sure to be more casinos following in suit of some of the hip internet casinos that already offer live dealer Sic Bo like; Lucky Live Casino and Smart Live Casino. Of course there are some things you should take into consideration when you are looking for an online casino, whether you are looking for a live dealer online casino or just your regular everyday web based casino. Below is a list of things to look for when seeking out a new gambling venue.

Do they feature live dealer games?

Do they accept players from your country?

Do they have free play? Real money play?

What kinds of banking methods do they accept?

What is there minimum deposit? Withdrawal?

How long does it take to cash out?

How many games are available?

What kind of software do they offer? Download? Instant Play? Flash?

Do they offer new player bonuses?

Do they have a loyalty program?

What kinds of promotions do they have?

If you check all these things before making your decision, registering and making your first deposit, you are more likely to find a casino that meets your expectations.

Learn more about how to win money at live Sic-Bo and don’t forget about the money management as this is very important in all online games.