Melbourne Crown Casino hit by Employee Strike

Melbourne Crown Casino is experiencing rough time these days in which this incident is connected with the successive Australian casino wars right now. Actually, the Melbourne’s Crown Casino staffs and employees are threatening the management that they are going to walk out from their job especially during the event of hot Spring racing carnival if their complains are not yet iron out quickly.

The union members voted in favor of taking protected strike action through ballot. In fact, the Australian Electoral Commission already confirms the ballot counts last Tuesday. Actually, the strike action is expected before the coming of Melbourne Cup on November 2, according by Jess Walsh, a Victorian secretary of the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LHMU).

The disputes are all about the staff and employee’s wage increase approximately 3.5% annually. Furthermore, this may give huge effect on table dealers and management. Somehow, almost $5,000 cash will be release yearly. In addition to, the union members demand for 13.5 percent salary increase over 3 years, which includes the protection for dealer’s career structure.

According to Walsh, the management offers only around 11 percent and other members wanted it at least 12.5 percent to save their face when they get back to work. Nevertheless, both parties are schedule for proper talk later this week. On the other hand, the Crown Casino spokesperson Gary O’Neill confirms that their establishment will continue to perform activities and is not moved by the threats of these strike action. In fact, he assures that only 19 percent from Union members voted in the ballot.

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