New Idea: Live Dealer Blackjack Tournaments

I had some spare time on my hands yesterday so I was just sitting around thinking of way the live dealer casino could improve other than the ideas I had already mentioned in my post about the future of live dealer gaming. One thing came to mind that I had actually managed to leave out of that post even though it’s one of my favorite casino games, blackjack tournaments.  I am very competitive by nature so I prefer playing blackjack games against other players rather than against the dealer. Not only does this eliminate the house edge as I am no longer competing against the dealer but I also fulfill that need inside of me to compete with other people.

Even though the regular real money blackjack tournaments are perfectly fine as RNG games since you are not playing against the house it would still be really cool to see it added as a live dealer blackjack game at some of the live online casino sites. Just imagine having the ability to play online blackjack tournaments with live dealers where you could have the ability to chat with other players using your webcam and microphone, now that would be really cool.

Unfortunately I don’t think we will see this added any time soon and the main reason for this is that a blackjack tournament is not financially viable for the live dealer casinos out there as it’s taking quite some time to complete a tournament and the fees they would be raking in will probably not cover their expenses for hosting a tournament. It would probably be a great addition to any live casino though and it would surely get players to change over from their current live casino site to a site offering live dealer blackjack tournaments.

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