Online Casinos in Germany, are they safe?

A German online casino club is refusing to pay a local winner of the said site. Actually, this allegedly online casino player won the progressive jackpot prize of blackjack games with the amount of € 167,500 supposedly. However, the German Online Casino denied that the said winner is legitimate to claim the prize.

According to the German online casino management, they found out that the local winner is having connivance with the other player working on the said site, which in result to cheat the online casino but this fact is not yet proven. However, the local winner is confused because he is not expecting that this will happen on the said site.

He denies the charges and run to Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), which is license sector that handles the regulation law of casino clubs. However, the local winner is not successful claiming his prize because according to the Maltese LGA, they cannot reinforce the casino debts on any matter and especially if offshore places. Aside from that to worsen the scenario, the progressive jackpot money that is impounded from the winner’s account is missing. It should be place back to the progressive jackpot pool but the money is gone.

The German online casino is run by Boss Media Software and responsible for releasing the jackpot money. Unfortunately, the missing jackpot money is not yet clearly stated its location. On the other hand, according to German lawyer, the only hold of this local winner is to file a case against the German online casino where in asking them for proofs of what they allegedly claim.

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