Royal Vegas Online Casino VIP Special Treat

The VIP Royal Vegas Online Casino are having great treat with their VIP clients right now. In fact, they have these two special trips for the month of October. Moreover, the VIP Royal Vegas Online Casino will choose lucky VIP’s from their site and from Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos and awarded with this special trips once in a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, this great news will somehow encourage their VIP clients to bet more specially on their top most games. In addition to, these special trips are held in British Columbia and lavish ride of Orient Express in Venice. Other than that, the VIP and a partner have the chance to witness the most amazing Okanagan Wine Festival of British Columbia where in celebration is usually on sixth of October.

Actually, these special trips covered the three night’s accommodation at 5- star hotel and prestigious resort. It includes the transportation between the airport from Kelowna International Airport Canada to as well as the Orient Express travel in Venice.

The VIP clients have the privilege to taste wine at a supreme wine estate and got the opportunity to harvest lunch and grape stomping. In addition to, they are entitled to join the harvest celebration dinner with preparation by a first class chef. After this trip, they are going to most places of Europe and free return flights for the VIP clients and their partner, which includes the travel from Venice to Santa Lucia station. Actually, among the five night excursions, the two nights are for Prague.

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