William Hill launches online casino in Italian market

Online casino games and cash poker contests were launched in Italy recently by several different online gaming companies. British company William Hill is one of the latest businesses to officially open its new online casino, which is powered by the Playtech software company.

The new online casino website by William Hill has been approved by the Italian government and was launched at Williamhill.it and is offered in the Italian language.

The new gaming site offers Italian online players an assortment of casino games such as video poker, blackjack, and roulette. William Hill is also planning to add bingo to the site as well as a sportsbook. While these aren’t available on the site at the moment they’ll be available in the Italian market soon.

Roby Salvadori, who is the head of operations in Italy for William Hill, said the company spent over 18 months designing and developing the site and is proud of the finished product. He said the site offers online players a lot of fun and is safe and secure. He added that the company is sure it will be a big hit with players in Italy.

However, William Hill wasn’t the only online company to launch a Playtech-powered online casino as several others got in on the action. These include Titan, SNAI, Sisal, and Buongiorno.

Mor Weizer, the CEO of Playtech, said the <a href="http://www take a look at the site here.livedealercasino.org/italian-live-online-casinos”>Italian online gaming market is continuing to grow and has become an important area for the industry. He said that Playtech is happy to strengthen its position in Europe with the launching of online casino games and cash table poker.

Playtech was founded in 1999 and is based in the United Kingdom. William hill is also based in the UK and was founded back in 1934. As well as offering online gaming, the company is also one of the biggest bookmakers in the world.

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Study Shows that Vegas Tourists Would Rather Play Out of the Casinos than in Them

It’s been presumed for years now that as the popularity of online casinos and poker rooms rises, the popularity of land-based casino gambling has been on the decline, especially since the economic changes in the US have affected big gambling city revenue like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now a new study has proven the fact. According to the study done by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which promotes Las Vegas tourism, people in Las Vegas are actually spending less money and vacation time on gambling. When they do gamble in the casinos, they wager less amounts on common games like slots, blackjack, and craps.

The agency reported that in 2010, 80% of tourists spent an average $466 per person on casino gambling, slightly lower than the 2009 average, which was $482 per person. The study also showed that not only was the amount of money spent on gambling less, but so was the time actually spent in the casinos. In 2009, the average casino patron gambled about 3.2 hours per day, whereas, is 2010, the time was calculated at less than three hours per day.

The reduced time and money spent in casino gambling in 2010 seems to be made up for in other Vegas attraction activities. Money spent on food and drink, hotels rooms, shows, transportation, shopping, and sightseeing has actually increased, making up for the shortage in casino gambling. Tourists are now taking more advantage of other interests Vegas has to offer.

Online casinos is one of the major factors in these variables in Vegas revenue. Tourists would rather spend their gambling time and money at home, online, in the comfort of their homes whenever they please without the hassle of travel. Online casinos offer more incentives than land-based casinos, as well, like bonuses and other promotions. Frankly, if tourists are going to leave their homes for vacation and travel, they want to make the most of it and not spend their holiday sitting in a dark, smoky casino. They’d rather experience Vegas for everything else the city has to offer.

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Where to Turn if You Feel Cheated by an Online Casino

Before signing up with an online casino you should always do some research to make sure that you are playing at a safe online casino. There are a lot of guides out there telling you all you need to know about the various casino sites, from where they are licensed to the quality of their customer support. When signing up at a live online casino that is listed here on LiveDealerCasino.org for example you can always feel that your money is safe as we are only listing casinos that are licensed and regulated.

But what happens when you sign up with a less reliable online casino and you run into trouble? Well for the most part you are on your own but there are some forums where you can get help.

The CasinoMeister Forum

The portal CasinoMeister.com has been online since 1998 and they have helped countless players when it comes to solving issues at numerous online casinos. Shoul,d you run into problems with any online casino this is where you should go. Simply create an account at their forum and create a thread stating all the details of your issue.

The eCogra.org Website

If you didn’t have any luck with the CasinoMeister Forum then we advice you to head over to www.eCogra.org and open a dispute on their site. In many cases you will be able to have your issues resolved by contacting eCogra as they have quite a bit of influence in the online gambling industry.

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If you are currently having problems with any online casino we would love to hear about it and we will do anything in our power to help you resolve the issue. Should the problem be with one of our recommended casinos we will definalely be able to assist you as we have great contacts at all the companies listed here.

Simply drop a comment below and let us know the issue and we will get back to you by email to try and help you solve the problem.

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Canadian Unions Block Online Casinos

In somewhat of a mirror-opposite situation than what is happening in the United States at the moment, the Canadian government is wrestling with special-interest groups to get new legislature off the ground that would begin regulated online casinos to fund regional public works (in areas where government spending budgets have been financially drained). You read that right, the government wants online gambling to happen, and the citizens are against it! Well, of course not all the citizens, just the ones shouting the loudest it seems.

The Canadian Auto Workers Union, specifically, are the main opponents of the new legislation, particularly due to the fact that upwards of 7,000 Union workers are employed at live casino establishments in Canada. The Union is obviously concerned about jobs being lost when the online casino floodgates open, but instead of using that as their reason to oppose government regulated online casinos they proffer moralistic opinions about the “safety concerns” of online casinos. Apparently, it’s okay to get hooked on gambling at brick and mortar casinos, but online gambling? That’s entirely another story, and altogether more addictive, dangerous, and insidious of an institution.

No matter than only with online gambling do proceeds go towards actually improving the country (compared to proceeds going to rich fat cat casino owners in the real life versions!) The entire argument falls flat when you realize that the majority of United States-based online casino already market to Canadians, thus if the live casino market hasn’t already been cannibalized it’s unlikely to start with government-run Canadian casinos joining the online mix.

United States Poised to Vote on Online Casinos

Explanation of the current pro-internet gambling bill being voted on by the US House and Senate which needs the support of Nevada land casino supporters to feasibly pass.

It’s an exciting time to be a online casino/poker fan. The United States is on the cusp of passing a revolutionary pro-internet gambling bill, developed by Congressman Barney Frank, which calls for the regulation and full licensing of online gambling to the US. No longer would online casino players from America be forced to join gambling sites that are based off-shore, which effectively help funnel a large portion of citizens funds into other countries (and arguably aids in the growing economic turmoil of this country as money continues to leave the country without being replaced).

The Frank bill has passed through the House, and now is up against one of the biggest dangers to the online gambling proposition—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Senate will generally vote however Reid does, and Reid is tied to certain special-interest groups—including the Nevada land casino industry and citizens who want to keep the wealth from Nevada casinos flowing into the state unfettered. Of course, many land casinos have realized that online gambling can be used to strengthen the industry as a whole, as well as being a great opportunity to market online components of land casino franchises to increase total revenue.

At this point, it’s unclear as to what the Nevada special-interest want to do with Frank’s bill, but with the passage through the House it’s a good sign that this time next year Americans will be enjoying online casino games based in the heart of the country!

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MSNBC Interested in Online Casinos

To compare the amount of media coverage online casinos got back when they first came online in the late 1990s to their presence today is staggering.

Previously, mentioning online casinos on the main airwaves always accompanied some negative comment about online gambling addiction, or an otherwise unrelated attack on the industry as part of the ‘smut’ found on the internet that kids should steer clear of.

Yet after the proposal of Congressman Barney Frank to introduce a bill for the taxation, regulation, and creation of a new US-based online gambling industry, even MSNBC, one of the most popular news outlets in the country, have been interested in hearing the story. Last week MSNBC interviewed Executive Director John Pappas of the non-profit PPA (the group that famously lobbied against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that prevented offshore online casinos from making financial transactions in America).

As one of the first and only media appearances from a representative of online gambling interest groups, the issue is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a topic that many American online casino aficionados feel strongly about Pappas was vigilant in expressing his desire to see the bill passed in Congress, mentioning that many arguments against the passage of the bill were not valid. Land casino’s have unfounded fears against the profitability of their own operations if an online gambling industry is regulated and supported by the American government, yet this has not been the case in the UK where regulation has gone on for years now.

Pappas was yet more effective as MSNBC had on Tim Kelly (of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission) as a counterpoint, who was utterly unable to argue Pappas effectively on any key topic of contention.

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Donald Trump Supports New US Gaming Bill

Perhaps one of the biggest wins for those that are in support of regulated online gambling in the United States, Donald Trump has recently come out in favor of Congressman Barney Frank’s new bill that seeks to license, tax, and regulate the creation of a national and offshore online gambling industry.

As one of the major owners/operators of some of the biggest casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Donald Trump is perhaps the best authority on knowing whether an online gambling industry would threaten the land casinos’ profitability or not, and this very question is the main source of concern for people who oppose the bill and the efforts to regulate online gambling. Trump was noted as saying that land casinos have “nothing to fear” from the internet, and that the creation of a US-regulated gambling industry online will do nothing but strengthen the industry as a whole across the board.

The practical answer was also given to opponents by Trump; whether land casinos like it or not, US casino fans will find a way to spend their money online whether the US is able to tax and regulate it or not, so why would they say no to regulation?

With The Donald’s open support of Frank’s bill, the chips are starting to pile up in the ante of online gambling hopefuls residing in the US, and it’s a safe bet to say that the bill will find some added traction now where it previously had none after Trump’s public endorsement.

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Online Casinos Experience a Rise in Popularity

The timing is right for online gambling to become a breakout profits-earning monster. With the majority of middle-class earners being forced to tighten their belts, the temptation to try their luck at big casino winnings has reached an all-time high. Many people went to their nearest casino after receiving an income tax return and generally blew through it all that same day. Cautious spenders gambled exclusive at online casinos and online poker rooms from the comfort of their own home, where it’s actually more likely to win big than at the live casino.

Compare the number of people ‘buying in’ to casino games out in the real world versus the thousands upon thousands online at a casino game at any given moment. If you have a thousand people all putting up $10 for a game of online bingo, the payout is exponentially better than a 50-person bingo game down the street. With games of skill, like poker, it’s also easier to win an advantage over expert players. When poker pros are unable to ‘read’ a person while playing online, they’re more disadvantaged than the pros sitting in a live casino who are ready, willing, and definitely able to take your entire tax return in a single hand.

If you are new to gambling, you’ll find the online casino a friendly environment to ease into. Of course, that is not to say that the popularity of online casinos is due entirely to being a better environment than live casinos. Part of the allure of a live casino is the decadence associated with risking money – you’ll have expensive drinks, wealthy patrons who flaunt their high status, and infectious excitement around all the big winners of the night—none of this is possible with online casinos.

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