When Are Live Dealer Casino Games Coming on the iPad?

As a proud iPad owner myself I have been thinking a lot about how cool it would be if a live dealer casino were to launch a version of their live dealer games that would work on the iPad. But before we will see that happening there are a couple of things they will need to overcome.

First of all Apple aren’t too keen on allowing real money gambling products in their App store. At the moment the only real money iPad gambling app in the store is the Bwin poker app that enables you to play poker for real money on the iPad. And this app is only available in Austria and the UK which means only players residing in those two countries are able to play iPad poker for real money at the moment.

Then there are casino sites like Slotland that are able to accept real money casino players using an iPad due to the fact that their website and casino games are iPad compatible. But they aren’t even close to offering live dealer casino games at the moment so that doesn’t really help us if we are looking for live dealer gaming on the iPad.

The other problem is that the iPad does not support flash and since all the instant play versions of the live dealer casino sites are flash based they will never work on the iPad. One solution could be using a software like LogMeIn for iPad which enables you to remotely access your computer from the iPad. But the problem here is that this program is not only expensive ($30 in the App store) but it is also way too slow to make your live dealer experience a pleasant one. I have tried it out myself and even though it’s really cool that you can access your desktop from the iPad it’s just not a viable option for playing live online casino games on the iPad.

Since Apple are completely against online gambling for as long as the US market is unregulated we probably won’t see any iPad friendly live dealer casino games any time soon, unless they somehow decide to implement a flash reader in an upcoming version of the iPad.

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