The Celtic Casino iPod Nano Promo

The Celtic Casino is currently having a special promo promo for all players. They are giving away seven brand new third generations Celtic Green IPod Nano. Those are actually, in mini touch and very tiny gadgets. Hence, it functions as FM radio and this tiny gadget has the capabilities for pedometer, clip and other related files that are supported.

Celtic Casino is a relatively new live casino that has shown great qualities and a casino we truly recommend for the moment.

In order to have the chance to win this Nano you need to get through some requirements. You must first sign up and register to Celtic Casino and make deposits of more than €100 in your casino account. Make sure you make deposits within September 23th and October 31st midnight. Then, you have the opportunity to have the Nano IPod.

You will earn one entry for every more than 100 deposits you made. Thus, the more deposits you make the greater chances you win during the raffle. On the other hand, the terms and conditions for this prize are the following: the player must be in good moral standing. And, at least you deposit 5 times of more than €100. Hence, if ever the player is residing outside the UK cash award around €100 will be given to him in lue of the Surgical Full Body Makeover.

Actually, the drawing date will be on November 3, 2010. And, the winner must consent with all the terms and conditions upon receiving the winning item. The winners of the items must agree that their photos will be posted on Meet the Winners.

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